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On Leap Year Day, Raspberry Pi 4 cost is sliced

The Raspberry Pi is putting a cherry on top of its 8th anniversary cake by offering its popular top-of-the-line computer module for just $35. It’s a remarkable offer for a company that thrust itself onto the computer scene in 2012 with a credit-card sized Raspberry Pi 1 that featured a 700MHz ARM11 processor and 256MB of RAM. The price back in 2012: the same $35. Read More Tags: Business »


US Congress passes bill funding ‘rip and replace’ for Huawei gear

US lawmakers have passed legislation offering $1 billion to help telecom carriers “rip and replace” equipment from Chinese tech firms Huawei and ZTE amid national security concerns. Read More Tags: Business »


FCC proposes fines for phone companies that shared user data

U.S. regulators have proposed fining the four major U.S. phone companies more than $200 million combined for improperly disclosing customers’ real-time location to other companies. Read More Tags: Business »


Lufthansa to cancel up to 25% of flights due to virus

German airline Lufthansa on Friday announced that it expects to reduce its flights by up to 25 percent in the coming weeks due to the increasing spread of the new coronavirus. Read More Tags: Business »


Labor unions call for US probe of Amazon tactics

Labor unions are urging regulators to investigate whether US tech giant Amazon is abusing its dominance in online retail, cloud computing and logistics. Read More Tags: Business »


Say goodbye to power outages

With the goal of eliminating brownouts and blackouts, new research from UBC’s Okanagan School of Engineering is redesigning how electricity is distributed within power grids. Read More Tags: Business »


New tool aims to assist military logistics in evacuating noncombatants

Researchers from the U.S. Army and North Carolina State University have developed a computational model that can be used to expedite military operations aimed at evacuating noncombatants, disaster response or humanitarian relief. Read More Tags: Business »


Europe airlines chart path through coronavirus crisis

European airlines are reducing flights to Italy due to coronavirus as part of drastic cost-cutting in an industry rocked by fallout from the deadly outbreak. Read More Tags: Business »


Relegating ‘no connection’ travel frustrations to the history books

Academics from Heriot-Watt University have developed an antenna which, it is believed, will end the frustrations of billions of passengers each year who lose internet connectivity on journeys globally. Read More Tags: Business »


Deep-learning system detects human presence by harvesting RF signals

Researchers at Syracuse University in New York have recently developed a system that can detect the presence of humans in a given environment by analyzing ambient radio frequency (RF) signals. This new system, presented in a paper pre-published on arXiv, employs a convolutional neural network (CNN) trained on a vast amount of RF data. Read More Tags: Business »