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Some of you may or may not know what network marketing is. It is also known as MLM and mutli-level marketing. Sometimes it gets a bad wrap but most often that is simply because people don’t understand but I am here today to tell you how grateful I am for this opportunity to build a business from home/phone/internet.

Top 3 Reasons I am Grateful

#1 – It Forces Me to Grow

Before I got involved with network marketing and had an understanding of the business model, I thought I was always growing and changing. Maybe I was doing a lot of learning and growing but nothing compared to what has been required to reach the next level in this business model.

When I start experiencing challenges in my business, I know it is time for me to look in the mirror and see what I can do to make things better. Of course there is always the temptation to blame it on someone else or something else going on in life if things are going the way I would like but then I remember that I am NOT a victim. The good news is that neither are you.

#2 – There is Unlimited Potential

I’ve always been interested to find a business that allows for a truly unlimited opportunity. I had found the wonderful world of affiliate marketing but even then I only had so much time to write articles, write copy, build new WordPress sites and the like. With network marketing and building a MLM business you can leverage the time and talent of other people in your team and truly have an unlimited potential in this business!

#3 – I Am Able to Help People Grow

Ever since I have been a little kid I have always said that I wanted to be a counselor or therapist or at least an advice columnist. With multi-level marketing it seems like I end up being all of those rolled up into one and I love it. I love people and I love helping in whatever way that I am able. It is the best feeling in the world to see someone that I have been working with say thank you for a contribution I have been able to sow into them.


These are very simple and easy to understand very much like the model of network marketing but oftentimes we over complicate things. The simpler we keep our lives the less stress that we have building up in our bodies and the more time we have available to just be still and be grateful.


Source by Jessica Lauren Vine

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