The Art of Christ’s Crucifixion Is “Distasteful”

[ad_1] For the past eight centuries, European paintings that depict Christ’s crucifixion and modern movies about Jesus’ life have traditionally portrayed our Lord as a nearly naked man registering no trace of pain or emotion. As a matter of fact, He looks like He’s sleeping with his arms stretched out and his feet standing, (not hanging) on a cross. Many images show little or no ... »

Shakha Pola & Loha Bangles

[ad_1] Introduction Symbols are powerful expressions of Human culture. Culture is not stagnant. It is transformed with time, space and need. Culture is imbibed through direct instruction or through observation, imitation as well as adaptation. Continuous socialization makes the individual internalize the thoughts. Wearing the symbols of marriage supports the tradition and the customs. Customs are ... »

Does Your Japanese Sound Half-Hearted?

[ad_1] Learn Japanese easily! Sometimes people are flexible and fair. Other times, they simply do a half-hearted job. You, no doubt, are working hard to learn Japanese. So, you might need to talk about times when others do things half right. Then again, you might want to praise someone for being fair to you and going above and beyond your expectations. In this Yojijukugo Japanese article, you̵... »

How to Get the Best Concert Tickets Online

[ad_1] The process of buying concert tickets can enlist mixed feelings in most people. For one, you are excited about the anticipation of going to see your favorite artist live. On the other hand, most people do not look forward to queuing in line for hours on end just to ensure that you get the best concert tickets that you can. Depending on how popular the musician is or the band, one can find t... »

An Impact of Technology on Recruitment Business

[ad_1] Technology is very vital these days, every business needs technology to communicate with people. Technology has become humongous that we need a tech-savvy person in all fields. It is necessary to interact with your customers quickly and when we say quick reaction two words come to our mind, Social Media. Social media creating its impact in the whole world, everyone becomes techno-savvy whet... »

Denver Offers Lots for Visitors to Be Thrilled, But Knowing How to Explore Helps

[ad_1] Denver is a modern city featuring to the west rocky mountain views and Great Plains to the east. Getting in and around Denver is easy, even right from the International Airport. The airport train offers an effortless, short trip to Denver Union Station downtown. At the Union Station, there is 1914 Beaux-Arts 1914 train station featuring a boutique hotel, shops, restaurants and swanky bars. ... »

Leadership Team Training Is Important

[ad_1] Development of leaders at every level of the organization is vital in today’s complex business climate. Organizations today need to provide leadership development training to the team, not just individual leaders. No leader can do it alone. Leaders must work collaboratively with others to solve problems and find solutions to issues. In today’s business climate, organizations nee... »

Changeability – Can You Drive Your Business Without it?

[ad_1] "… a systematic and institutional capacity for change may now be a company's single most valuable asset." Michael Hammer, Beyond Reengineering You may be in charge of your company but are you in control of it? How many times have you tried to manoeuvre your company in a particular direction to find that it is unable to respond in either the right timescales or manner? Ma... »

55 Creative Entertainment Ideas For Your Next Event Or Meeting

[ad_1] 1. Hire a comedian who can poke some fun at your CEO, do an impersonation of him, or even make light of your industry as a whole. 2. Hire a magician that can incorporate your sales message into his magic, or cut your CEO or receptionist in half. He might even be able to vanish the CEO, much to the delight of the employees. 3. Book a vocal improvisation group to take requests and spin them i... »

The Fifty Commands of Jesus

[ad_1] In many of my articles I speak about the commands of Jesus. I have found he had at least fifty so here is a list of them in an original list my mother typed up for your reference. There are many benefits to obeying Jesus. The fifty commands of Jesus 1 Don’t call Jesus Lord when you don’t obey Him. Lk 6:46, Mt 7:21. 2 Build on the rock of obedience to Jesus otherwise you will fal... »