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Mercury Retrograde As Healing

Oh no! Mercury retrograde! Well… not so fast. It happens every time Mercury goes retrograde (the effect that makes the planet appear to travel backwards in the sky). Things go wrong-well, thanks a lot mercury retrograde. It’s an ingrained response. And it reveals a not-so-hidden problem (if a generally ignored one). Mercury, of course, doesn’t really go backwards – it simpl... »

You Can Heal Your Life Book Review

At a time in our lives where everything seems to be changing it is good to know that a book that was written many years ago still can have a profound impact on our lives. Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life” is one of those books. I purchased the gift edition back in November of last year but didn’t actually open the book till the end of December. I know now that it w... »

The Different Types Of Heart Doctors

There is more than one type of doctor in the world, and when people are sick, they generally have to begin by going to their family care doctor. From their general practitioner, people are then referred to various kinds of other doctors depending on what is wrong with them. For people who have problems with their heart, or may be predisposed through their family history to develop heart issues, th... »

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Therapy Can Eliminate Drug Cravings, Finds Study

Addiction to any substance can make the life of an individual topsy-turvy. From spending a fortune to deceiving own family, a person addicted to illegal substances can go to any extent. But how does addiction force someone to put so much at stake and then lose all? There are several factors at play when it comes to dealing with the growing problem of addiction. Cravings are a serious issue that to... »

Irrational Use of Medicines – A Threat to Patient Community

More than 50% all medicines worldwide are prescribed,dispensed or sold inappropriately. 50% of patients fail to take them correctly. Conversely, about one-third of the world population lacks access to essential medicines. Treatment with medicines is one of the most cost-effective medical interventions known and the proportion of national health budget spent on medicines ranges between 10% and 20% ... »

4 Herbal Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis That Work Exceedingly Well to Cure BV

Women who suffer from bacterial vaginosis (BV) are normally recommended antibiotics and topical creams by conventional doctors. However these are not the only options to treat this problem. There are some extremely effective herbal remedies for bacterial vaginosis that can help you get rid of recurring vaginal bacteria infection. When the bad bacteria dominates the vagina of a women then one can e... »

Improve Dental Health by Eating the Right Foods

How are Tooth Cavities Caused? Eating right can help prevent the two most common dental problems that people typically struggle with: Cavities and gum disease. Tooth decay (that eventually leads to cavities) is caused by accumulation of bacteria in the mouth. This bacteria comes from the food you eat and acts on the sugars contained in food (this is why sugary foods are not good for teeth). The ac... »

Holistic Approach For Faster and Better Healing – What Does It Include?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word holistic as follows: “relating to or concerned with complete systems rather than with individual parts” This term – holistic is used a lot these days in terms of healing and curing diseases/ailments. Looking at the definition, this seems to be an obvious route to rightful healing any particular ailment or disease. Diet When we visit... »

Heal Your Sexual Abuse Issues

Have you ever experienced sexual abuse? Do you know that the negative experience you had may still be affecting you in the present? In my practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I discovered that many women, and even some men, experienced sexual abuse. As I counseled the clients, they became aware of the negative decisions they had made from their sexual exploitation. In fact, many years late... »

Lower Your High Blood Pressure Naturally: 10 Hypertension Secrets Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

When you were diagnosed with high blood pressure you were almost certainly advised to lose weight, take more exercise and to improve your diet. That sagely advice was most likely coupled with a prescription for synthetic anti-hypertension medication. Over recent years, research has shown that some natural treatments are just as effective as prescription medicine. This begs the question: Is there s... »