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List of False Beliefs About Our Lifestyle

The next are a few of the frequent fallacious philosophies of life. Individuals typically specific these fallacious philosophies of their day-to-day utterances. They, due to this fact, develop into components of their life and driving forces of their actions in life. 1. “WHATEVER WILL BE, WILL BE” No matter will likely be won’t be; you […]

Africa: A Case of Flogging Dead Horses?

On pure economic indicators and all other indicators of development Africa is a dismal picture. Life expectancy has declined; mortality rates increase; heavily indebted, with over half the countries having debt that exceeds their GNP; GDP growth fallen; GDP per capita fallen as population growth gets out of control; health care is collapsing and so […]

The Paradoxical “Country” of Africa, the Cradle of Civilization

Around the first or second grade, we learn that there are seven continents: North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Antarctica, and Australia. Oh yes, and then there is Africa! Yes, Africa is a continent, and it is not a country, contrary to popular belief. This is particularly true in Western culture because individuals may possess […]