Living Alone with Hemiparesis

Safety would be the primary concern of course when people with hemiparesis live alone or are alone for extended amounts of time. Of course your first references are your doctor, physical therapist and occupational therapists especially. This being stated, I can offer insights on some important items to consider in practical aspects of living alone after a traumatic brain injury or a stroke that re... »

Three Little Known Facts About Shabby Chic Style

Shabby chic is an interior design style that incorporates worn, antique furniture and vintage accessories to create a design that is both elegant and popular. Items are chosen for their worn appearance and are often heavily painted throughout the years, with many layers showing through. Fabrics are usually cotton or linen, also showing wear and tear. Neutral colors, and often soft pastels such as ... »

My Husband Left Because He Needs Space – But I Love Him and Want Him to Come Home, What Should I Do?

I recently heard from a wife who was quite lonely and devastated. Last week, her husband had decided that he “needed some space,” and he packed his bags and left the home. He had called a few times during his absence, but he wouldn’t give the wife any specifics about how long he expected to be gone and when (or if) he was coming back. The wife regretted how they had left things. ... »

My Wife Constantly Criticizes Me – The Hidden Truth to Why She Does This and How to Fix It Fast!

Are you stuck in a marriage where you’re helplessly saying my wife always criticizes me? It’s troublesome, to be honest downright annoying. But the truth is that you created the environment for this to happen, and now you have to create the environment where it WON’T happen. But you’ve got to do it right or things can just get worse…and fast! What To Do When You’... »

What Is a Relationship Mission Statement

RELATIONSHIP VISION Aligning values in relationships is a good thing to do intentionally. Think about how most people go through relationships. Does one person give up important values for the other? Is there conflict in the relationship? These things usually happen when values and beliefs aren’t talked about and don’t align with each other. Most conflicts in any relationship is due to... »

Anger In The Emotional GateKeeper

Anger is our emotional gatekeeper and if used effectively it will provide us with the ability to interact with the world fully aware of when our emotional gates should remain open and when to keep them closed. Imagine the gatekeeper for a moment. She knows that her job is to protect. She also knows that if she is over protective those inside the gate will die from starvation or suffer from a lack ... »

Can A Spouse Have An Emotion-Based Revenge Affair And Not Realize It?

I get a decent amount of correspondence about revenge after an affair. Sometimes, the faithful spouse wants to (or is considering) doing something to get revenge. Other times, they are feeling the urge to want revenge but they are trying desperately to resist that urge because they know that it is not really going to help anything. Other times, I hear from the cheating spouse who is scared of reve... »

Dousing the Flames of Marital Conflict

Conflicts in marriage are endemic. Because this is a union of two distinct individuals each with his or her own likes, dislikes, prejudices and pet peeves, conflicts are built into the marriage packet. As the famous evangelist Billy Graham once said, “For a married couple to expect perfection in each other is unrealistic. The unblemished ideal exists only in ‘happily-ever-after’ ... »

8 Tips to Help You Make an Online Dating Site Work for You

Today, online dating websites use artificial intelligence to help you get in contact with the right person. If you are looking for an effective way of making your favorite dating sites work for you, our expert tips may help you. On these platforms, you can get advice on relationships and dating. Plus, you will get a lot of relevant quizzes. Since these platforms attract millions of visitors on a r... »

How To Marry A Millionaire!

Exclusive Online Dating Services – or How to Marry A Millionaire Whether you're rich or wanting to marry someone rich – there are online dating services which target the wealthy and provide a personal service to their clients. So, are they for real, or just a con to make you get your credit card out? Checking for "exclusive dating" on the internet came up with four top on... »