Is This the Real African Art?


What is really presented by the contemporary art of Africa? Invariably, lone finds an online gallery of “glossy” photographs, depicting various diverse animals in a extensive variety of poses and settings. To really toss physically into the real “art of Africa”, and to recall the impressions seen whilst on a real wildlife adventure into Africa, I believe you wish to feel at one with the essence of Africa: The spectacle of, not just the “scenes” observed, but the feeling of “being there”, in other terms, the impressions felt and seen, those impressions of a lifetime.

I believe that a general affiliation of the “surreal” with African art could be somewhat overdone, but there is no question that there is certainly a kinship. While certain people feel that the impulse to individualize African art can be a bit false, there is no doubt that individual artists feel, and live for, a “passion” for their theme, and indeed their art form.

African art is arguably the most diverse on earth, especially that of the natural planet such as wildlife, landscapes and scenery, and this is where much of its merit lies. Authentic, avant-garde African art is a rare commodity and is more often not often found in the homes of the many people who are in fact interested in bringing the African authenticity into their living area. Wildlife art is the most widely established, award winning theme depicting the natural planet, with wildlife, landscapes and more. Artists and art lovers worldwide take pleasure in wildlife art and any connoisseur of African art who is committed to conserving the beauty of this planet recognizes this form.

To locate real African wildlife art on the internet can be a time consuming, and at times, back-breaking “labour of love”! I have found one of the very greatest, most unique, quality wildlife and African art galleries that I have seen on the internet is a South African website here:

This website shows a diverse variety of impressions of wildlife and landscapes, made in a form that enhances the “feeling” of each impression. Done by a South African born artist, Gary Rowan, this collection of artwork is both striking and unique. Named by the artist as “techno-art”, the pictures create an almost surreal impression of the various subjects. We all know that wildlife art is one of the commonly widely acknowledged art forms in its portrayal of the natural planet, and that the wildlife inhabiting it is a universal theme covering all cultures on all continents.

Most contemporary wildlife artists most often seek to enhance and inspire open appreciation of humanity’s link with nature by focusing their art on the depiction of mammals, birds, scenery and landscapes, and this artist is no exception. Gary prides himself not simply on the quality of the African impressions he produces, but moreover on the quality of the African art canvases he supplies. Having purchased several of these canvases myself, I am in no doubt that you will be in agreement with me, and the many satisfied customers who have found the quality of this art beyond compare at any comparable prices. I invite you to stop by at the new online Original African Art gallery, and see for yourself. I highly commend this gallery, and this form of art. These African art impressions are obtainable on high quality artist’s canvas, unframed or framed, and in a variety of sizes, at very reasonable prices.

Source by John Mccarter


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