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Many people suffer from depression at some point in their lives and people with diabetes are no exception. If you are obese and have 2 diabetes you may blame yourself and your lifestyle on the disease you now have. It is hard to adjust to a new lifestyle. Feeling down or guilty about this is okay and even normal but if it turns into something more you need to seek professional help.

It is normal to down about having diabetes in the beginning but once you more about the disease and how to control it you can also more in control of your again. Take charge, if you are obese and want to improve your glucose levels you can. By a healthy and regular exercise you can lose weight and improve your blood sugars.

If your feeling of being down or hopeless will not go away and is accompanied by any of the following as well you may be depressed. If this is the case, contact your doctor right away.

Signs of depression:

  • You are no longer like you used to (more or less)
  • Not enjoying life or everyday activities like you used to
  • No energy to do things you want or have to do
  • You are eating more or less or have sudden weight gain or

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you seek help. Being obese and diabetic can be trying both mentally and physically. It is important to know that you can take action to make things better. Your diabetes may never go away but you can certainly keep it under control and live a full life. By losing weight, even a small amount, you can make a huge difference in your and diabetes.

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