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Fairy Tales of Modern Greece – FAIRY GARDENS

UNCLE KOSTAS, as everyone called him, had once been a prisoner of the fairies. He would sit stiffly down upon a stone and lean upon the tall, shepherd’s staff which he always carried, to recount his story. “Look,” he would begin. “Do you see those hills yonder? They are the Hills of the Dragons. Many, […]

Fairy Tales of Modern Greece – THE FAIRY-HUNTER

I HAD never heard of fairies until one autumn evening in our summer home on the highlands of Petsa, which, eagle-like, watches over olive groves, raisin fields and the blue Corinthian Gulf. Laughter and voices raised in greeting woke me from my early sleep and told me that my Grandmother Adamis was being welcomed to […]

Fairy Tales of Modern Greece, by Theodore P. Gianakoulis and Georgia H. MacPherson

TO the question, “Does any fragment of ancient Greek mythology survive?” the answer is, “Yes, the nymphs.” For among the hills and across the fields and streams of Greece, where the gods were born and dwelt, fairies now dance and play and radiate a subtle charm. Fairies are none other than the modern forms of […]