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You’ll receive your doses of hCG from your local pharmacy as either a liquid or as a powder that’s ready to mix.

If you get liquid medication, store it in the fridge β€” within three hours of receiving it from the pharmacy β€” until you’re ready to use it.

Don’t use hCG liquid that hasn’t been refrigerated. But because cold liquid can be uncomfortable going in, feel free to warm it in your hand before the injection.

If you receive hCG powder, you’ll need to tap into your inner chemist and mix it with the vial of sterile water that comes with it to prepare it for injection. (You can’t use regular tap or bottled water.)

Critical Warnings to Senior Residents

Keep the powder at room temperature before use. Pull 1 milliliter (or cubic centimeters β€” abbreviated β€œcc” on a syringe) of water from the vial into a syringe and then squirt it into the vial containing the powder.

Mix by gently rolling the vial around slowly. Don’t shake the vial with the water and powder mixture. (It’s not advised and could make the medication ineffective.)

Draw the mixed fluid back into the syringe and point it upward. Gently flick it until all air bubbles collect on top, and then push the plunger a little bit until the bubbles are gone. Then you’re ready to inject.

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