Return Gifts Culture in Weddings

[ad_1] Getting married is an important part of anyone’s life and there is no better way of appreciating friends and family with the best return gifts. Return gifts is a tradition that has been around for many years now for purposes of thanking those who attended your special day and ensure that they were indeed satisfied. Gifting itself is a tradition in many cultures. These are offered duri... »

Unravelling the Phad

[ad_1] As the sun makes its sojourn downward, the delicately folded Phad is unraveled. A Phad is a 15-20 foot horizontal piece of cloth on which an entire folk tale is depicted. The stories commemorate deeds of local heroes. Usually the stories revolve around 2 main folk heroes – Pabuji and Devnarayan-ji. Devnarayan-ji was a 10th century A.D hero and was known to be an incarnation of Lord Vi... »

Creating an Inclusive Environment and Workplace Culture

[ad_1] For great leaders to be equally concerned with their people as well as their product or service, it must be generative in nature, so it must rise internationally in order to be expressed externally. Generating this care and concern comes from a strong sense of self-identity. Having a strong sense of self-identity can create a closed system in a static state of being, but what I am saying is... »

Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements – The Good News For Depression Blues

[ad_1] A depressed person feels sad, helpless and hopeless. It is estimated that in the United States alone, there are 12 million adults suffering from this mental disorder. Depression can affect anyone regardless of their race, culture or social class. The basic symptoms of depression include irritation, loss of focus or concentration, sleep disturbance, feelings of guilt and worthlessness, heada... »

Speaking for Motivation: Top Traits of Successful Motivational Speakers

[ad_1] This article will do 2 things for you: 1. Briefly talk about some common (but pretty funny) stereotypes of motivational speakers. We’ll take a look at a few real-life examples from the huge variety of motivational speakers on the circuit today. 2. Give some great tips on how to give your own motivational speeches by exploring the top 6 key ingredients that successful motivational spea... »

Hotels in Bhubaneswar With a Swimming Pool

[ad_1] Bhubaneswar is a prosperous and rapidly developing city on the eastern coasts of India that is also known for its great heritage. Bhubaneswar also abounds in luxury hotels that have all the necessary amenities and also provide a great number of extra facilities like swimming pool. Read on to know more on the city and also check out some good hotels in Bhubaneswar with swimming pool. The bea... »

Arguing In Favor Of Yoga

[ad_1] I have been looking into health and fitness for nearly half a century, and writing on the subject for the last decade. One area of interest which I have encountered again and again is yoga. So, I was not overly surprised recently, when, while reading an article on several things that anyone could do for good health, yoga was mentioned. The surprising fact, not for me, but, perhaps for you, ... »

Psychological Safety and Workplace Unity

[ad_1] The process of creating psychological safety within an organization is designed to meet the global demands and needs of today and the future, especially as multiculturalism becomes a dominant feature in the workplace. The process is designed to meet the needs of stakeholders and to create an internal community and culture that recognizes the dignity and honor that is due to each individual.... »

Developing Organizational Values ​​Through Collaboration

[ad_1] Within the framework of the organization of the future, there should be a certain level of consistency within the understanding of expressed values. In order for a discipline or competency to be embodied and expressed as a natural organic way of being within an individual or an organization, a criterion of values ​​must be in place that in one way or another is extracted into the forefront ... »

How To Win Back A Leo Girl

[ad_1] A relationship with a Leo girl will be a passionate affair, full of love, intensity and warmth. The lioness wears her heart on her sleeve and all too often will be easily hurt. A wounded lioness will be a challenge to any mortal, but fortunately, her huge heart is a forgiving one. To win back a Leo girl, tread very carefully and you may get her back. When it comes to relationships, Leo̵... »