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The Presentation of Denmark in the Opening Act of Hamlet

[ad_1] The presentation of Hamlet’s Denmark is first seen in the opening scene of Hamlet where the two guards enter and the first thing that is said is “who is there?” This immediately sets the mood of the whole play and to a certain extent what kind of state Denmark is in which is in a state of high alert, also the darkness and the mystery of who is there sets an ominous tone fo... »

Four Scary Creatures to Avoid in Madagascar

[ad_1] If you’re planning to take a holiday in the African country of Madagascar, you may get more than the sunset beaches and jungle wildlife you bargained for. On an island where the line between fantasy and reality is very often blurred, here are four inhabitants that you may are so powerful that even taking out cheap travel insurance before your travels probably won’t protect you f... »

DIY Vermicomposting – A Worm Farm on a Budget

[ad_1] Have you wanted to set up a home worm farm, but been put off by the high cost of purchasing one of the neat “designer label” multi-tiered “vermicomposting” kits, promoted by garden centres and mail order companies? Well, let’s cut through the crap! – ITS ACTUALLY NO SECRET !!! -You can easily make your own DIY three bin kit for a just a few dollars and yo... »

How African Americans Can Build Generational Wealth for Pennies Per Day

[ad_1] Generational wealth consists of assets, holdings and monies that are passed on from one offspring to the next, and built upon by each generation. A family business is the first thing that comes to mind when many think of generational wealth. Wine vineyards, orange groves, tobacco farms, and sugar plants started by ancestors centuries ago continue to be passed down to children who build upon... »

Companion Planting For Organic Vegetable & Herb Gardens

[ad_1] How does Companion Planting work and what do I plant for which plants? Companions help each other grow. Tall plants, for example, provide shade for sun-sensitive shorter plants. An example of this was the year the HerbFest sold "Elephant Ears" tropical plants so the heat sensitive French Tarragon, Dill, and Chervil could be plant underneath the large leaves providing shade during ... »

America’s Shoe Problem and Leadership

[ad_1] Since its founding, America is and has always been a country obsessed with sorting people into specific categories. These categories, most notably race, were often created and emphasized to exclude people from enjoying certain privileges if they did not fall into the “white” category. Whether it’s through your race, gender or sexuality everyone is still categorized in one ... »

Different Types of Entertainment

[ad_1] Before we look into different types of entertainment, first let’s define what entertainment is. Entertainment is any kind of activity that provides amusement for people in a passive way, other entertaining activities that involve participating are considered recreation or hobbies. There are many types of entertainment for particular tastes, for example we have cinema, theatre, sports,... »

Add to the Bewitching Look and Persona by Using African American Hair Extensions to Give a New Look

[ad_1] With increasing awareness of different fashion techniques and trends women today feel more comfortable in adopting techniques which suit their body, skin tone, features and frame so that from now they look made adopted but look as part and parcel of the whole and nobody is able to differentiate it from the original. Hair is also a very important part of your personality which can be further... »

Ruby Bridges, Barbara Anderson, Mrs Ackerman and Me

[ad_1] We recognize Ruby Bridges for her life's work as a civil rights leader and activist; we find an unsightly caricature of Ruby's historic walk through a snarling angry crowd with new education secretary Betsy DeVos depicted as Ruby. This depiction exemplifies how little understanding of race discrimination in America has been attained .. But for racial subjugation Ruby Bridges would n... »

African Tribes and How to Make Them

[ad_1] The year's 2099, humanity's somehow managed not to blow itself up yet. It's been 96 years since the human genome was sequenced and Dolly the sheep was cloned. Pity that all the sheep went extinct sometime during 2049. The Humans time traveled to the future and also returned in time to catch the latest edition of the Superbowl as there's no Superbowl in the future, the whole ... »