If you’re trying to conceive let’s try to keep our lady part very clean and smelling good to avoid infections and to avoid our uterus from being damaged.


Tips To Keep Your VAGINA Clean, Sweet And Healthy.

As a WOMAN, keeping your Vagina healthy and sweet is important. Your sexual organs are very valuable and must be cared for.

1. A Clean Vagina Is Very Important: So wash your vagina with normal water at least more than once, in a day. Clean the vagina every time you urinate or after toilet because it smells all the time no matter how clean or beautiful a lady is. Make sure to clean with water and not only tissue cos it may dissolve and migrate into the body.

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2. Leaving Too Much Hair Around The Vagina Is Not A Good Deal At All: During sex, the hair can cause cuts on the PENIS organs and condom. Also, hair around the base of the vagina can be breeding ground for boils and cause bad odour so shave and clean. The hair around your VAGINA promotes “bad smell” Or trim it very low if you must keep hair.

3. Every Woman Does Produce Natural Body Fluid Which Needs To Be Washed Off Or Wiped To Stay Clean: Many women wear one underpant for the whole day or even two but for health reasons pls change your underpants twice or even more that twice a day. Dirty underpants may give your vagina a permanent bad smell and a bad taste. For those that know what I mean. Ladies what you eat affects the taste of your hotness or increases it.

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Avoid too much garlic, onion, alcohol, coffee and spicy foods. Eat fruits that are high in natural sugar like oranges, apples, mangoes and please take honey too. They all make you be hot and attractive. Youghurt too is really good and drinking cloves they make the place healthy and sweet. After shaving, you might have to deal with serious irritations. The Vagina doesn’t need perfume to smell good so don’t spray perfume around your VAGINA.

REGULAR SEX USING THE PENIS GIVES YOU EXTRA VITAMINS IN YOUR BODY. Do not put anything in your vagina except  “PENIS”. But if you must put hand it should be supper clean and nails cut off.

#NB: Clean vagina makes every man to enjoy sex to the maximum. Always remember, a clean vagina is clean itself, it takes the dirty out  by itself.  Don’t dip your fingers inside, you would disturb the pussy leading to infections like candida.  Thank you.

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