Birth Control Methods

Birth control methods were created to solve the problem countless families are encountering. Family planning is a method of spacing your children. Birth control methods also allow people to have the maximum number of children they can provide for.

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Birth Control and Side Effects

There are different types of birth control pills around. Before you start using any, you should consider the side effects. Studies have shown that there are only two methods that do not have side effects. First is abstaining however, it may be hard

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Birth Control and Heavy Period

Menorrhagia better known as the heavy period is a common problem for women. This is because the person may suffer from severe anaemia and the only way to save her life is through blood transfusions. There are several causes such as hormonal imbalance, uterine fibroids, polyps, dysfunction of the ovaries, adenomyosis, IUDs, medications, pregnancy complications and cancer. Of those mentioned, two are directly linked to birth control.

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Birth Control Through the Times

Birth control is and has always been one of the most celebrated and controversial topics in the history of man. It is because, in almost all eras and generations, people have always had opposing beliefs about it. In the bible after the great flood that wiped out almost all of human existence, God made a promise that no matter what happens he will not ever again d

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Birth Control Questions: Getting the Correct Answers

When one decides to go on birth control, it is more than just a decision that affects their lives but rather a decision that affects the life a kid that would be born due to an unwanted pregnancy. If being a parent is not yet in your plans at the moment or if you’re not ready to be one, then I suggest you take this bir

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Birth Control Pills, a Cure for Acne?

For teenage girls or even older women, acne problems can be a source of embarrassment. There are several remedies for acne. Doctors, of course, can help determine what kind of medication is necessary and appropriate for each individual in order to solve their acne problems. Medic

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