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How Bean Bag Chairs Benefit Day Care Centers

Day care centers are places where children can play, learn and grow, and the environment in a daycare classroom should be relaxing and inviting for kids. In order to get this kind of fun environment, many teachers in elementary schools and day care centers are stocking their classrooms with beanbag furniture. Kids love bean bag furniture because it is a big soft, squishy surface on which to play and lounge, but teachers love beanbag chairs because of their portability and easy cleanup.

While kids may love the fun colors and unique texture of beanbag chairs, there are also many benefits to bean bag chairs in the day care environment. First, beanbag furniture offers kids a safe place to relax and unwind. Many younger children in daycare suffer from anxiety when separated from their parents, but the comfort and relaxation offered by beanbag chairs can help relieve this anxiety.

Young children in day care are also exploring different textures and learning about their senses. Beanbag chairs let children experience a new texture, and they are safe enough to allow children to run and jump onto a soft surface. Studies have shown that beanbag furniture can also provide pressure therapy for autistic children, and neurotypical children can benefit from pressure therapy and experiencing new textures as well.

Because beanbag chairs offer children a comfortable spot to lounge, they can also encourage reading and learning. The comfort of a beanbag chair allows children to focus on ingesting new information. On beanbag furniture, kids can arrange their bodies for maximum comfort so their minds are free to learn. Creating a space in the day care classroom where children can read in comfort is important because it helps them develop lifelong reading habits.

In addition to offering benefits to children in a learning environment, beanbag chairs also offer many advantages to daycare teachers. Not only can beanbag furniture be easily picked up and stored when not in use, many bean bag chairs have durable and cleanable covers. Because of the way they can benefit learning, beanbag furniture can also count as great tax deductions for day care centers. Many teachers may not think of tax deductions when decorating classrooms, but beanbag furniture is one of the few types of furniture that is therapeutic as well as functional, so they can save day cares money on taxes.

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