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Where To Buy Cheap WoW Gold

World of Warcraft Gold Sellers have increased their numbers as the third game expansion is about to come. More and more players are leveling alt characters and are planning to gear them up for raiding more than twice a week with different characters. Using Google on research about where to buy cheap wow gold, below is an overview of the top 5 results of sites offering WoW gold services from the search where to buy cheap WoW gold:

• WoW GoldStore

This site offers different trade modes like face to face by meeting in a certain in-game area, send by email and put into account which offers additional 5% bonus gold free in all WoW US Servers. Payment methods can either be by credit card or wire transfer.

• TopMmoGolds

TopMmoGolds offer special discounts on US and EU WoW Servers. They claim to have large stock of WoW gold to cater every player’s needs of the in-game currency. Trade mode is face to face.

• WoW-Gold-Team

This site offers gold services on both EU and US WoW Servers. There are customer feedbacks on their site which can be used as a reference if you wanted to avail their service. According to them, you can have the enough gold to power level in-game items. They can also check the gold stock in a specific server before you decide on availing their gold offer,

• Ugamegold

Ugamegold caters WoW gold selling services on both EU and US WoW servers. Other than World of Warcraft, they also have other game’s currency for sale. One part of the payment process is live chat which will give you the option to ask all the questions you have about the service.

• WoW.Igxe

This WoW gold selling site offers 24/7 gold delivery service in North American WoW servers. According to them, the gold their offer is directly from game deliverers and not from resellers. They also offer customer service for those who have after sales concerns.

To buy cheap wow gold online is an easy task, but choosing which service you want to avail may be a different thing. At first earning WoW gold either for functional or vanity in-game items seem to be impossible. Now that different World of Warcraft gold sellers are listed, you have more than one option which gold services you wanted to avail.

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