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More Fortune in Ink–Millions Paid for it Every Day–New Devices to Catch the Eye–Exposure of Advertising Tricks–Cupid on the Counter–What “Bargain Day” and “Below Cost” Really Mean–How an Advertising Agent Gained Prosperityin a Day–“Delivering” 5,000 Customers–A Line that Every physique is Sure to Read–A Great Advertising Success–Playing With Mystery–A Sure Way to Draw a Crowd–Novel Ways of Advertising in Paris–Almost a Street Fight.

Do you notice what an necessary half promoting performs in commerce? The males who succeed are those that let the general public know what they’ve and at what worth. The nice newspapers comprise daily huge mines of promoting matter. There are many retailers who pay over $100,000 a 12 months in letting the general public know the cheapness and worth of their items, and one enterprising firm, the proprietors of a celebrated baking powder, expend $1,000,000 a 12 months in promoting their product. These retailers are consistently searching for the very best means to get their wares earlier than the general public eye; additionally producers, builders, real estate brokers, railroad corporations, and in reality all individuals doing enterprise on a big scale, are searching for to let males understand how and what they do. Owners of proprietary medicines have been identified to expend $10,000 in a single commercial as a way to safe the eye of ailing individuals. All these individuals pays you effectively for any ingenious ideas whereby they will improve their patronage. The following are a number of the strategies prompt:

832. FORTUNE AND THE MUSESelect some liberal advertiser and notice what he has to promote or what he has to do, and embody his peculiar benefit in a poem. The poem ought to be quick, spicy and humorous, and never be greater than eight or ten traces in size. Let it hit off a number of the fads of the day. If or not it’s headed by some catch-word of the hour, a lot the higher. An ingenious one who can write a verse or two of this type will discover a prepared marketplace for his muse.

833. CENTS IN NONSENSEIf you’ve gotten creative expertise as an alternative of poetic, you are able to do nonetheless higher with a drawing. Let the reduce be as authentic and humorous as a number of the cartoons in our each day papers.

834. WORD PUZZLEA puzzle to some minds might be nonetheless simpler. Many might be disinclined to make use of their brains to work it out, however those that do will keep in mind it, and that in spite of everything is the benefit of an commercial. A puzzle which can be patented and bought to the advertiser guarantees a lot larger revenue. See the “Chinese-Get-Off-the-Earth Puzzle.” A puzzle of this type is often bought solely to at least one agency, and must carry fairly a sum of cash to the inventor.

835. TRACKS TO WEALTHThe inventor who can produce a scheme to trigger the shopper to turn out to be his unconscious advertiser has discovered the very highroad to success. Such a scheme is perhaps a phrase in raised letters on the heel of a shoe. Thousands, particularly in nation cities the place there are not any sidewalks, would consistently be leaving impressions within the mud, and other people can be astonished to seek out commercials stamped on the very earth.


836. THE STORY ADVERTISEMENTWrite a brief story which ends in an commercial. This is likely one of the finest strategies to realize the reader’s eye. Everybody likes a narrative, and can learn it if or not it’s quick. The narrative ought to lead up regularly and naturally to the commercial. This requires some ingenuity and ability in writing.

837. THE FICTITIOUS BANK BILLA piece of paper which at first sight seems to be like a ten-dollar invoice, however seems to be a intelligent commercial, can be picked up and skim by all people.

838. THE POCKETBOOK FINDA intelligent imitation of a pocketbook can be picked up by each pedestrian, and when it’s opened with the expectation of fortune, one finds as an alternative an commercial of Pluck & Company.

839. EVERYBODY’S EAGLEA gold (?) eagle with the title of a agency within the place of the same old inscription, might be readily pounced upon, when the fortunate finder will be taught that “all is not gold that glitters,” however will even be taught the place and what he can purchase to benefit. The agency’s title, in fact, just isn’t stamped till the sale of the golden chicken is effected. Millions of such eagles could possibly be bought.

840. THE WITTY DIALOGUEFew issues in literature are extra engaging than a witty dialogue wherein the questions and solutions are very quick and the denouement is a shock. If the final phrase is the magical considered one of a sure type of enterprise, corresponding to “Ozone,” “Electrophone,” “—-’s Baking Powder,” “—-’s Stove Polish,” and many others., the maker or service provider will you’ll want to respect it and pay for it.

841. THE STEREOSCOPE BULLETINIt pays to offer a big sum to the proprietor of a paper who makes a apply of flashing election returns on screens. There is often an extended wait between the reviews, and the huge crowds will in the meantime don’t have anything to do however examine your commercial flashed between the successive returns.

842. THE ARC REFLECTORHave a reflector with an electrical gentle organized to throw a vivid, spherical gentle, just like the dial of a clock, on the depot platforms, the pavements of crowded streets, or different locations the place many individuals congregate. On the background of this sturdy gentle let your magic phrase seem. This is an costly however very efficient means of promoting.

843. THE LAST SCENETens of 1000’s of individuals each evening are wanting upon scenes depicted by the stereoscope. After the “Good Night,” which usually closes the leisure, instantly, and earlier than the lights are turned on, have your commercial flashed upon the sheet. As the programme is concluded, the supervisor would likely for a small sum grant a privilege which might be price many {dollars}, as nobody within the viewers can miss out on the show.


844. THE RED-LETTER BATFor a consideration, the supervisor of a baseball group would most likely allow you to furnish the gamers with a wonderful bat stamped together with your design in giant pink letters. Your commercial would flash with each stroke of the bat, and even when many within the crowd have been too far-off to learn the letters, their curiosity would incite them to inquire, and curiosity is the very emotion advertisers search to arouse. The concept may maybe be prolonged to the ball, which is the middle of wrestle in soccer matches.

845. THE RESTAURANT FANWaiting males will learn something to kill time, however a fan together with your enterprise stamped upon it should appeal to consideration, whether or not one is inclined to learn or not. By the hundred thousand these could possibly be produced extraordinarily low cost, and ought to be introduced free to the restaurant keeper. They may additionally be utilized in theaters and music halls.

846. THE CIGAR WRAPPERIt is estimated that 3,000,000 cigars are bought in New York and neighborhood alone daily. For a small sum, say 5 cents a field, you could possibly likely prevail upon most sellers to allow you to wrap every cigar in a chunk of paper; particularly if the latter have been fairly and really engaging, as within the latter case it would even assist his gross sales. The wrapper may comprise an alluring image, however, in fact, it accommodates your commercial. A small extra sum have to be paid a boy for the work of wrapping. As an commercial, the strategy can be exceedingly efficient, and the concept is actually a novel one.

847. THE GROWING WORDIn a reserved area of a each day paper start with a single evident letter. Over the letter announce, “Watch this space to-morrow.” The subsequent day one other letter is added, and curiosity is happy. If you may get a reputation on your commercial just like the title of a person within the public eye, the success of the scheme is assured. For instance, the primary letter is G. Is it Grover Cleveland or Garfield? Two letters are given–GA. Is it Garfield or Gage? The third day GAR seems. Is it Garfield or Garland? But ultimately it proves to be neither; it’s GARLOCK, the title of your invention or model of products. Ingenuity can play endlessly upon phrases on this means, and the curiosity aroused makes it probably the greatest types of commercial.

848. THE POLITE STRANGERThis is a French concept. In Paris a woman is astonished to see a good-looking, faultlessly dressed man, usually an aged particular person, step immediately in entrance of her, make an especially well mannered bow, flip and stroll away, when immediately the thriller is solved. On his again seems an commercial.


849. THE FUNNY QUARTETTEThis is also from Paris, with diversifications. Four odd people–a little, shabbily dressed outdated girl, a wonderfully attired and pompous gentleman, a rustic youth in shirt and overalls, and a person within the garb of a priest, make up the queerest quartette possible. They without delay appeal to consideration, however once they start to sing a crowd gathers immediately. At the conclusion of the music, one says in a loud tone, “Where?” All reply, “At —-.” “When?” “To-night.”

850. THE STREET BRAWLThis is on the identical line and much more thrilling. Readers of “Sherlock Holmes” keep in mind the detective’s ruse to realize entrance to a forbidden home. In the identical means, let two males have interaction in a wordy quarrel. Nothing attracts a crowd extra rapidly than the prospect of a battle. Of course, on a metropolis road the quarrel should not come to precise blows, and the individuals should maintain an eye fixed open for policemen, however the climax ought to be the commercial within the mouth of 1 or each of the disputants, and the gang ought to be dispersed with a hearty giggle.

851. THE BOX-KITEThe box-kite presents virtually unequalled alternatives for promoting, and the marvel is that it has not been utilized for that goal. By a clock-work association and at common intervals, whereas the eyes of all are turned skyward, the field releases a bunch of white leaves, which, floating to the earth, are caught by the gang. Every leaf accommodates your commercial. This methodology can be particularly efficient at ball video games, horse races, and earlier than election bulletins, whereas the crowds are ready for returns or thrilling occasions.


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