Fortunes in Spare Moments–Millions Missed for Want of Economy of Time–Stories of Famous Men.

Lost! someplace between dawn and sundown, two golden hours, every set with sixty diamond minutes. No reward is obtainable, for they’re gone perpetually.

962. FIVE MINUTES A DAY earlier than a field of paints or a bunch of finely shaded ribbons will make you knowledgeable in colours, a place of nice significance and enormous wage in lots of shops.

963. TEN MINUTES A DAY practising stenography after you have got realized the system from a very good text-book, will fit your needs in a yr’s time to take anywhere the place the providers of a short-hand author are required.


964. FIFTEEN MINUTES A DAY slicing out of newspapers knowledge in regard to individuals of be aware and classifying the identical, gives you in just a few years an accumulation of fabric which you’ll eliminate to benefit to reporters and publishers on sudden demand of such matter–as the event of the demise of the lads within the public eye.

965. TWENTY MINUTES A DAY drumming on a writing machine ought to provide you with an expertness with the keys that can insure regular and worthwhile employment.

966. TWENTY-FIVE MINUTES A DAY will allow you to grasp any language in a yr, then tutorships, professorships, and translations of overseas works at good costs, await your vitality.


967. THIRTY MINUTES A DAY operating quickly over figures will make you an knowledgeable accountant, if not even a lightning calculator, for whose providers enterprise males are prepared to pay liberally. Time is fortune.

968. THIRTY-FIVE MINUTES A DAY writing up some incident of reports gives you a facility of the pen in the midst of one or two years, so to command a very good wage as a reporter. Success on this division relies upon upon a author’s creativeness and talent.

969. FORTY MINUTES A DAY over studying choices will make you an elocutionist. Readers and reciters obtain all the best way from $10 to $100 for a night’s work.

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970. FORTY-FIVE MINUTES A DAY gives you a information of bookkeeping in all its branches. Let the spare time be spent in buying a plain, spherical enterprise hand. Then grasp a guide on the topic. After that you need to offer your services free to a pal for three-quarters of an hour each day. Bookkeepers command from $1,000 to $3,000 wage.

971. FIFTY MINUTES A DAY divided into durations of twenty-five minutes every, ought to make you a very good singer, even in case you have solely a mediocre voice. One quarter’s work below a very good instructor ought to provide the rudiments of the artwork, along with basis follow, and from this you may go on by your self. You can at all times get a pal who will right your faults _gratis_, and it’s the elimination of faults, with regular follow, that brings success. Singers in church buildings command all the best way from $100 to $5,000 a yr. And the work is finished mainly on Sundays, when it doesn’t battle with different employments.

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972. FIFTY-FIVE MINUTES A DAY with a guide containing instructor’s examination questions, gives you such a command of the branches taught in our public colleges as to insure you a place on the academic workers. You ought to grasp not one guide solely, however all you may procure which have a listing of questions requested at examinations. Teachers get from $500 to $5,000, based on potential.

973. SIXTY MINUTES A DAY imitating the types of our greatest story-tellers gives you, because it did Stevenson, a simple command of all types, and a capability to jot down tales netting 1000’s of {dollars}.

974. SEVENTY-FIVE MINUTES A DAY will make you in the midst of 4 or 5 years an engraver or painter in all of the fields of the growing software of these arts. Prices for this sort of work are so diversified that no figures will be given, however they’re at all times excessive, and a few individuals have made fortunes with pen and brush.

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975. EIGHTY MINUTES A DAY inserting letters in pigeon holes and in studying such different information as any handler of the mails will willingly impart to you, gives you such deft fingers and such fast brains that it shouldn’t be tough so that you can safe a well-paid place in a big postoffice.

976. NINETY MINUTES A DAY will allow you to grasp the intricate and virtually infinite particulars of the insurance coverage enterprise in all its branches. Knowledge of the enterprise and skill to steer males are the 2 requisites of highest success on this occupation. There are insurance coverage brokers receiving as excessive as $10,000 a yr, and presidents of corporations $25,000, and much more. There is not any cause why you shouldn’t attain the highest. The horses, Plod and Pluck, will draw you there.

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977. ONE HUNDRED MINUTES A DAY will provoke you completely into the banking or brokerage enterprise. Read all books on the topic, classify your information, repeat it again and again in your spare moments, ask some pal within the enterprise about any level you don’t perceive. After three years of arduous examine, provide your spare time free to a banker or dealer, informing him of what you have got completed. You should start on the backside, however the salaries develop fats as you rise, and are enormously wealthy on the high.

978. ONE HUNDRED AND TEN MINUTES A DAY gives you for every year of your examine a information of a separate department of the Civil Service. Five years gives you 5 branches. Appointments are actually practically all made by aggressive examination. Salaries in some departments rise as excessive as $10,000.


979. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY MINUTES A DAY ought to allow you to grasp any musical instrument below the solar. You would require a instructor for part of the time, however crucial factor is regular, persistent follow. The area for good music is consistently widening, the calls for for good musicians are steadily growing, and the remuneration is correspondingly advancing. Fortune is actually pouring into the lap of individuals who can captivate the human ear.