True Stories which can be Stranger than Fiction–Fortune’s Great Army–The Rise of Jay Gould–The Meteoric Career of James Fisk–Ferdinand Ward, the Napoleon of Finance–How Vanderbilt Made a Million in a Day–A Man who was Devoured by each Bulls and Bears–Some Rules for Timid Investors–John C. Eno, the Free-Lance Operator–The Wonderful Success of James R. Keene–How Daniel Drew Spelled “Door”–The Great Leiter Wheat Deal.

This is a harmful sea, strewn with wrecks, however the fascination within the considered gaining prosperityin a single day ever has and ever will forged its spell upon the human thoughts. Some males will take nice dangers within the hope of glittering positive aspects. We give a number of of probably the most promising types of hypothesis, with examples of those that have been profitable with the cube of fortune.


Jay Gould was employed as a map-maker at a wage of $30 per thirty days. He trudged over complete counties in New York State as a surveyor. A fortunate hit introduced him into Wall Street, the place he remodeled $70,000,000 in forty years.

James Fisk got here down from Vermont a penniless boy, however entering into the corporate of Wall Street males he quickly amassed an immense fortune.

Ferdinand Ward, referred to as the Napoleon of Finance, had an unequaled present for shrewd hypothesis, and may need excelled all contemporaries had he chosen to stay by sincere strategies. He gained prosperitybefore he was arrested for “crooked ways.”

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Cornelius Vanderbilt at twenty earned a dwelling by rowing a ship between Staten Island and New York. At sixty he was proprietor of a fleet of sixty-six steamboats and proprietor of a number of railroads. He made his fortune in shares. In the fluctuations of the Erie, on one event he made 1,000,000 {dollars} between rise and set of solar.

John C. Eno was referred to as the free-lance operator. He was one of many boldest manipulators of shares, and bought an immense fortune.

Perhaps probably the most hanging success was that of James R. Keene, who made $9,000,000 in three years.

Others who’ve received their fortunes in Wall Street are Russell Sage, William Belden, George I. Seney, Henry Villard, William H. Vanderbilt, William R. Travis, C. P. Huntington, and Daniel Drew.

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Of the final named it could be mentioned–to present how little a school training has to do with success in business–that he was very illiterate, possessing solely a scanty data of grammar, and even of spelling. It is said that on one event he instructed his cashier that he would set the protected lock on the phrase “door.” When the cashier needed to open the protected, he tried “door” in useless. Knowing his employer’s queer strategies of spelling he tried varieties on “door,” equivalent to “dore,” “doar,” and so forth., however all in useless. At final he was obliged to go to the resort and awake his employer, who had gone to mattress. “Uncle Dan’l” was fairly crusty at being woke up, and instructed his cashier once more that he had set the protected on the phrase “door.” “But how do you spell ‘door’?” inquired the cashier. “Why,” mentioned “Uncle Dan’l” tartly, “any fool can spell ‘door.’ You’d better get out of the business if you can’t spell, and I’ve a mind to discharge you on the spot. How do I spell ‘door?’ Why, ‘d-o-a-r-e,’ of course!” The subsequent day, nonetheless, on reflection the previous man relented, and concluded to not discharge his trusted worker for therefore trivial a blunder.

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A rule for speculators is: “Don’t invest on professional advice.” Your advisers have “an ax to grind.” A person as soon as ordered a dealer to purchase 1,000 shares of Erie when the value was 94; it instantly dropped, and he ordered it bought when it was 92-1/2. In half an hour he returned and ordered it purchased once more. It had then gone as much as 95. After consulting once more with “friends,” he once more ordered it bought. The market then was all the way down to 90. He got here again the fifth time and mentioned: “I consulted one man who told me to buy; then another who told me to sell. I understand that one is called a bull and the other a bear. I don’t know much about these names, but I do know that I have been a jackass.”

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A a lot safer plan is to observe the lead of shrewd speculators. In Wall Street it is best to reverse the recommendation given to the disciples regarding the Pharisees. Christ mentioned, “Do as they say, but not as they do.” But with speculators the course needs to be, “Do as they do, but not as they say.”

The chief type of hypothesis is in shares. These shares could also be railroads, mines, wheat, corn, cotton, wool, tobacco, oil, gasoline, coal, and, in truth, nearly any business the place capital has always vacillating values. We have room to say solely a only a few:


942. CITY BONDSThese are usually among the many finest securities for funding. The aspect of hypothesis is available in when they’re purchased beneath par within the perception of an early rise. A pointy Yankee purchased $100,000 of defaulted bonds of town of Houston, Texas, compelled a settlement at par, and doubled his fortune.

943. COLONIAL TRADEWe have the perfect authority for the knowledge that the commerce in our newly acquired territory, the Philippine Islands, shall be value one billion {dollars} yearly underneath American improvement. Here is an immense alternative for each type of worthwhile hypothesis. Cuba, Porto Rico, and Hawaii, additionally, are inviting fields, and there’s no doubt that the subsequent decade will witness the making of many fortunes in these islands, and the foundations of lots of of others. Now is the time to start, as these earliest within the area may have the primary probability to purchase up depreciated shares and lagging industries.


944. THE AMERICAN TOBACCO COMPANYOne of probably the most vacillating shares currently has been that of the American Tobacco Company. In January of the present year–1898–Mr. J. R. Keene bought 80,000 shares at $90. September twenty sixth, fearing the market was about to say no, he started to promote, and in two days had utterly unloaded at figures ranging at $145 to $139. He cleared about $1,500,000 within the two days.

945. COLLAPSED RAILROADSFor a capitalist there are few extra promising fields than the shopping for up of collapsed or run down railroads. Mr. George I. Seney amassed a big prosperity by buying at slightly greater than nominal figures bankrupt or embarrassed roads, and by thorough gear, and by reference to extra affluent roads, quickly put them in a paying situation. If you may get one finish of a small highway into a big metropolis, or if you happen to can prepare to make it the feeder as an alternative of the rival of a giant highway, will probably be nearly sure to yield considerable returns.


946. WHEAT MARGINSFortunes are each day made and misplaced in wheat. Everybody has heard of the nice Leiter deal. Joseph Leiter typically made $100,000 in a single day. In ten months he rendered issues energetic in each nice heart of the world, and on this interval of lower than a yr he really made $4,500,000. True, he misplaced it once more, however the truth that one might nook such prosperityin so quick a time exhibits what could also be completed with braveness and capital. The most secure rule for small and timid operators is to observe within the wake of those daring speculators, however not too far. It could also be laid down nearly with the knowledge of a logical premise, that, when a person of huge resources and thoroughly familiar with the field enters the market, he’s certain to win at first, however certain to lose if he presses issues too far, as a result of the large stress produces eventually reactionary circumstances which no manipulator and no mixture of speculators are in a position to face. It doesn’t matter a lot whether or not you’re a bull or a bear, if you happen to can carry out the troublesome feat of holding your self in.

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