Unappreciated and Unappropriated Wealth in Trees–$5,000,000 Burned in Florida Forests–Reckless Waste of Timber–An Opportunity to Gain Prosperityin Paper Cane–Chances in Cedar–Small Spools Help to Wind Great Fortunes–How Some People Throw Away $50,000 a Year.

There is likely extra fortune within the forests that dress the mountains than within the metals which are buried beneath their granite and limestone backs. Much of this treasure has been squandered by way of lack of know-how of its value and due to meager services for its utilization. In the State of Florida alone greater than $5,000,000 value of timber has been ruthlessly burned in an effort to clear the bottom for orange plantations. Forest treasure sooner or later will in all probability be obtained within the following methods:

892. WISCONSIN PINESThe merchantable timber within the forests of the Wolverine State, based on Government estimate, reaches the big quantity of 41,000,000,000 toes. There are many fortunes but to be carved out of the countless pines of this State.

893. NORTH CAROLINA TAREight million {dollars} is the sum earned yearly by the folks of North Carolina from the making of tar. The pine forests that yield tar are usually not expensive, however a considerable amount of acreage is required.

894. VERMONT MAPLE SUGARThe folks of Vermont final 12 months earned greater than $12,000,000 by making maple sugar. It is among the surest sources of income. The work is mild, nice and romantic.

895. ALABAMA CHESTNUTSThousands of acres of chestnut timber are wasted in Alabama as a result of its value is just not recognized. The timber is felled for the tanbark, however the Commissioner of Forests estimates that in a single area $50,000 might be made yearly by slicing this waste wooden into railroad ties.

896. IDAHO CEDARThe most interesting physique of pink cedar on the continent exists within the State of Idaho. Red cedar is among the most useful of woods. Endless tracts could be bought now for $10 an acre. It is possible that in ten or fifteen years, with higher railroad services, the standing wooden alone with out the land can’t be bought for $100 per acre.

897. MAINE BIRCH WOODNearly all of the wooden utilized in making spools for thread on this nation and in Great Britain is equipped by the Maine forests. So nice is the demand, and so worthwhile the work of felling the bushes that the birch wooden of this State is being quickly consumed. A superb, although long-time funding could be discovered within the setting out of birch bushes on the waste lands of New England. A thousand acres of land, not value $10 an acre at current, could also be stocked with birch bushes, which could be offered in from twenty-five to thirty years for $40 per acre. Profits, much less taxes, $30,000.

898. SOUTHERN CANESOne of crucial components of recent civilization is paper. The United States consumes yearly about $75,000,000 value of paper. From rags, which as soon as afforded all the fabric for paper making, however which are actually solely inadequate, producers are experimenting with all types of vegetable development in quest of the most effective paper pulp. Paper is now being made from the fiber of bushes. In the Southern States there’s a form of coarse cane which affords an inexhaustible provide, with a peculiar adaptation for the needs of paper making. Here is a touch for the good thing about the one first to grab it. A purchaser who should buy a thousand acres, and even ten thousand acres, of paper cane would quickly discover a profitable market.