Vast Forces but Unknown–The Human Form a Key to unlock Nature’s Caskets of Gold–The Storage of Air–The Waste of Steam–The March of Electricity–How One Company saved $50 a Day–Sunbeams for Sale–Winds and Waves awaiting Man’s Sail and Wheel–How a Western Man Invented a Sand Mill–Enormous Power of Sea Waves–A New Use for the Artesian Well–Eureka! The Right Kind of a Storage Battery–Opportunities for Enterprise and Wealth.

The discovering and unlocking of the forces of nature have been sources of a number of the world’s largest fortunes. Steam and electrical energy are to-day among the many earth’s biggest contributors to wealth. It isn’t, nonetheless, the easy discovery of a brand new pressure, however its ingenious utility, that brings monetary reward, and there could also be 100, or perhaps a thousand ways of making use of a brand new energy. These powers are maybe all identified this present day, however a lot of them are little utilized, and a few have by no means been harnessed. It is possible that we have now as but solely begun to unlock the secrets and techniques of nature.

852. COMPRESSED AIRThere are huge prospects in using this energy. In a couple of years lightning expresses will fly over the land, swift vessels will skim the deep, monster passenger eagles will soar within the air, and tons of mail matter will probably be blown via tubes from sea to sea, all pushed by this highly effective motor, compressed air. These issues solely look forward to cash and brains.

853. STEAMIn the applying of steam about ninety per cent. of energy is misplaced. This is a gigantic waste. Here is room for a second Watt. In the race for primacy as an influence, steam want take no second place if solely its unutilized forces be turned to account by some inventor. Here is a area worthy of the noblest powers of man.


854. ELECTRICITYAt current electrical energy sends our telegraph messages, tasks our voices via the phone, propels our road vehicles, lights our streets and dwellings, and in some States executes our criminals. But it’s altogether doubtless that this as but comparatively unknown energy will probably be prolonged into 100 untried fields. Here is a single instance of the financial system in its use: The Baldwin Locomotive Company found that they had been shedding eighty per cent. of steam energy in shafts and belts. They put in electrical motors and decreased the invoice for energy immensely. Hundreds of huge institutions waste from one-fourth to three-fourth of steam in the identical method. If electrical energy can save from $14 to $50 per day, as within the case simply quoted, it’s absolutely effectively price a trial.

855. CALORICThe time will come when the billions of cubic ft of daylight that fall upon our earth will probably be utilized and can probably be the most affordable and most effective of all of the motor forces. If you may solely focus this extensively distributed vitality, you may get hold of any quantity of warmth and consequently energy. It has been proved which you can boil two pints of water with the warmth of the solar falling upon one and one-half sq. yards of floor. One sq. yard of sunshine represents one horse energy. The drawback, due to this fact, is to pay attention. This will probably be accomplished some day by way of immense convex mirrors. Already experiments are being tried, and the primary promoters of this scheme could have the facility of the world at their ft and its treasure of their arms.

856. WATER POWERThe time will also come when the thousands of cataracts and rapids that now waste their energies will all be harnessed and set to work. It is estimated that the water energy of Niagara is as nice as can be the steam energy produced by 226,000,000 tons of coal a 12 months. This one cataract has energy sufficient to make a thousand millionaires, and there are tons of of smaller waterfalls working to waste.

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857. WINDMILLSSteam is expensive and water isn’t at all times obtainable, however the wind is in all places, and prices little or nothing. It has the drawback of inconstancy and uncertainty, however it’s invaluable for storing up pressure for future use. The windmill is vulnerable of nice enhancements, and waits for one more Morse or Watt.

858. A SAND MILLOne ingenious man out West has geared up his windmill with an infinite belt supplied with buckets, like a grain elevator. These dip right into a field of dry sand and discharge it upon a big wheel like an overshot water-wheel, which it turns as water would. The sand is discharged once more into the field and thus is used over once more endlessly. We assume the person has not patented his invention; he has missed a fortune which anyone else will choose up.

859. SEA POWERNext to the facility of the solar is the facility of the ocean. An experiment with a dynanometer has proven that the strain exerted by the ocean waves throughout a storm usually exceeds 7,600 kilos per sq. foot. Multiply this by 1,393,920,000,000,000 ft, which the floor of the ocean presents, and we collect some little notion of the inconceivable energy that’s working to waste. When will come the inventor who will harness the ocean and set it to lighting our cities and carrying males and mail-bags? There is alleged to be hundreds of thousands upon hundreds of thousands of gold strewn on the ocean’s mattress as the results of wrecks, however there may be vastly extra gold for the daring inventor within the waves that endlessly pound upon the seaside.


860. ARTESIAN WELLThe artesian effectively plant is coming into prominence. Formerly the effectively was solely employed as a method of getting water to drink; it’s only not too long ago that it has occurred to those who right here is an immense and unused water motor. Water energy from working streams is simply obtainable right here and there, however with the arrival of the artesian effectively there is no such thing as a spot on earth that will not have as a lot low-cost energy because it wants, the price being nearly nothing when as soon as the facility is obtained. Here is one other alternative for enterprise and fortune.

861. LIQUID AIRThis is a brand new discovery, and one very wealthy in promise. Here is probably the long-sought-for technique of the storage battery. It has been discovered that the identical pressure of liquid air as utilized within the electrical storage battery scores from one-tenth to one-twentieth greater than the electrical fluid is ready to do. Here we have now an influence whose utility will end in such unknown portions of usefulness and treasure as to defy the facility of figures and even the creativeness itself.

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