Relation between Soils and Skulls–The Secrets of Successful Farming–Why go to Alaska when there are Gold Mines on the Home–Jute, a Keyword to Fortune–A Million Dollars on this Suggestion–What Ignorance Costs the American Farmer–A Rival of King Cotton–Doubling One’s Money in Fowls–How to get a Big Apple Crop each Year–$6,000 a Year to go to South America–Or, If you need to Go West, Uncle Sam offers you a Slice of Land–Onions the “Open Sesame” to Fortune–Breaking Records with Potatoes–Yankees and Hickory Nuts–How “Plunger” Walton gained Prosperityin Two Years–The Great Elmendorf Stock-Farm.

We usually hear it mentioned that there isn’t any fortune in farming. On the opposite hand, there are few occupations in which there is so much fortune, if the work is carried on in the precise approach. The bother is that folks usually assume it takes little mind to be a farmer. The fact is simply the reverse. To get returns out of the soil there should be brains within the cranium. We know a farmer on Long Island with lower than sixty acres of land who has acquired prosperityin fifteen years of shut utility to the issues of the farm. He has discovered the key of understanding easy methods to make Nature give down her milk. Every foot of land is underneath cultivation, and though he employs usually as many as two rating of males, he offers each a part of the work his private inspection. Further than this, his three secrets and techniques of success, he tells us, are, What, When and Where–What to plant, When to plant, and Where to market.

Do you already know it’s a undeniable fact that $500,000,000 extra was obtained from the sale of crops this yr than final? What do you consider that, you Klondikers that suffer hardships within the Alaskan mountains for the sake of a bit of gold which, in spite of everything, you’ll in all probability by no means get? If the gold output of the newly found areas of the far North reaches this yr $10,000,000–a most liberal estimate, and doubtless two or 3 times the precise yield–remember that the soil proper right here at dwelling, with one-half the labor and not one of the threat of life, has yielded fifty instances that quantity. And this isn’t the precise yield, however solely the excess over and above what the fields gave the yr earlier than. Five hundred thousands and thousands of gold greater than final yr dug out of the soil–think of it! In the next examples we solely give the byways of farming–that is, what will be performed, by the cultivation of a single product, and never what could also be achieved within the common approach. Of course, rather more will be made by the elevating of a number of staples, and by a scientific rotation of crops.

711. SUBSTITUTE FOR SILKSend to the Department of Agriculture for jute seed. Jute will take dye as a sponge takes water, and it has a gloss which makes it able to being utilized in mixture with silk in order to defy detection. Remember that when a factor will be made to appear to be another factor at one-twentieth the associated fee, it opens the way for mines of treasure. A phrase to the smart is adequate. Jute wants a heat local weather, and it’s essential to go to the Southern States.

712. WASHINGTON PIPPINSThey are generally known as Newtown Pippins, however let us give you a secret. The soil of the State of Washington is so tailored to this apple you could increase from one-fourth to one-half larger crops than in another State. Apple raisers, keep in mind this.

713. DORSETS AND DOWNSFancy breeds of sheep! Two hundred million {dollars} price of wool from these breeds had been imported final yr. That was what we paid for a reputation, and for our ignorance in not understanding that we will increase simply pretty much as good sheep right here. Reader, if you would like a share of this $200,000,000, examine e book about sheep farming, buy just a few of those two well-known breeds, and put the wool in the marketplace as the real Dorset; for therefore it’s. The place counts for not one atom–only the breed.

714. AMERICAN CHEESEHere once more we’re foolishly enjoying into the palms of foreigners, paying $1,500,000 yearly for that which will be produced equally pretty much as good and low cost at dwelling. Everybody ought to know that there isn’t any higher spot on the globe for the form of pasture that makes scrumptious cheese than Delaware County within the State of New York. We pay these thousands and thousands to foreigners as a result of we don’t produce sufficient at dwelling; however right here, inside two or three hours freightage of the metropolis of the Western World, now we have one of the best cheese-producing nation on earth.

715. BUSINESS APPLESWe name them Business Apples as a result of they are going to imply enterprise for you if you’re smart sufficient to undertake their tradition. Go to Missouri and take a look at the Ben Davis selection. The soil of that State is one of the best for that form of apple. A person there set out 2 hundred bushes, and final yr bought $450 price of Ben Davis apples. At the identical fee, one thousand bushes, masking about 5 acres, ought to convey you $2,500.

716. FORTUNES IN POPPIESHere is one other new thought. France has caught upon it; why could not the farmer of this nation? Five hundred thousand kilos of opium are bought yearly in our drug shops, but it surely has been thought that the drug might solely be raised within the East. This is a mistake. The French farmers bought 5,000,000 francs price final yr. It yields a internet revenue of $25 an acre and requires little tradition. It could but change into a rival of King Cotton in our Southern States, however those that are wide-awake sufficient to be the primary within the discipline will reap the lion’s share of this new bidder for our enterprise.

717. THE CAPON FARMOne hundred per cent. capons! This is the precise expertise of a raiser. He operated on forty, despatched them to market and realized $39.24. He estimates the price of retaining at lower than fifty cents every. There are few investments during which the gross proceeds are double the associated fee. In addition, the elevating of capons could also be carried on with the unusual poultry farm.

718. BARRELS OF BALDWINSThe home of this market favourite is Northern New York and Northern New England. It is a hardy tree. Apple bushes generally bear solely each second yr, and infrequently stop to bear altogether. The secret of success is to stir the soil and add a bit of fertilizer. Good Baldwins, commanding from $2.50 to $3.50 per barrel, could also be raised yearly with the knowledge of clockwork, if the proprietor solely workouts correct diligence and care.

719. RARE RODENTSFortune in rats and mice! In killing them? No, in elevating them. At the pet-stock division and appendage of the poultry present in New York lately, rats and mice, white or finely marked, introduced all the best way from $1 to $12, in keeping with the fineness of the colours. It will likely be a revelation to most farmers that there’s fortune in creatures which they’ve hitherto thought to be pests to be put out of the best way.

720. MORTGAGE-LIFTER OATSSo-called as a result of a person developed a specific selection, and with the gross sales, marketed as fancy seed and bringing greater than double the unusual type, lifted a crushing mortgage from his farm. You can develop a range in addition to he. Give it a taking identify, and promote freely.

721. RECORD-BREAKING DATESA date plantation of 5 hundred or 600 acres, and able to holding thirty thousand bushes, will be purchased for $500. The fifth yr after planting the bushes ought to bear sixty thousand kilos of dates, price no less than $6,000. Pretty good return for $500! Dates are raised mainly in South America.

722. DOLLAR WHEATWestern farmers have contended that if they might command $1 a bushel for wheat they might get wealthy. This yr their hopes have been realized. If it’s, as many imagine, the start of higher instances for the wheat-raiser, and the cereal will be stored at that value, you may have however to comply with the recommendation of Horace Greeley, and “Go West” to change into a wealthy man. The authorities offers you the land, and trade and financial system will do the remaining.

723. LEAF TOBACCOWhere tobacco will be raised, farmers have deserted practically each different crop. It wants a wealthy, heat soil, and a few expertise with a view to insure success; however if you happen to “once learn the trade,” you’ll hardly attempt to increase anything. North of Virginia, it should be raised it the “bottom-lands” of the rivers. Price, $8 to $10 per 100 kilos.

724. TREE NURSERYThe expense of a tree nursery is nearly nothing past the primary funding. Small bushes earlier than transplanting could also be set one foot aside, and therefore an acre will maintain about forty-four thousand. At 9 cents apiece–the common price–this means $3,960. Deduct for labor and expressage. The success of the tree service provider relies upon nearly solely on his finding a market.

725. ROUND NUMBER ONIONSThe spherical variety of one thousand bushels to the acre has been performed, and will be performed underneath favorable circumstances. In a sure district in Fairfield County, Conn., practically all the lads are well-to-do farmers. Ask them the key of their success and the one reply will likely be “onions.” Here, certainly, even in rocky Connecticut, farming pays. They get from seventy-five cents to $1.25 per bushel. The crop is just not at all times a protected one, dependent upon climate situations; however, taken one yr with one other, the farmers do nicely, and steadily add to their checking account.

726. POTATO PROFITSLet us see what will be performed with potatoes. In a prize contest lately the typical per acre was 465 bushels. The highest was 975 bushels. The value per bushel was from sixty to sixty-six cents. The subsequent revenue was on the typical $260 per acre and in case of the very best was about $500. Of course that is vastly above what’s achieved by the unusual farmer, but it surely exhibits what will be performed with good soil, liberal dressing, prolific selection, and thorough tillage.

727. GOLDEN GEESEHere is one man’s expertise: “I bought a gander and three geese. From the geese I received yearly forty eggs each in two litters, or a total of 120. I find that from this number of eggs I can safely count on seventy-five per cent of matured chicks, or ninety goslings. The weight when fatted is 855 pounds, and at twenty cents a pound I receive $171. Cost of keeping is $46. Profits, $125. Of course, the sum varies one year from another, but this is my average for five years.” At the identical fee the goslings from 100 geese would pay a internet revenue of $4,125, but when they paid solely one-quarter that sum it will nonetheless be a worthwhile funding.

728. CALIFORNIA PRUNESThis nice state has now 85,000 acres planted with prunes, and produced final yr 65,000,000 kilos. The crop has grown from nothing to this huge quantity in the previous couple of years. People don’t rush into an enterprise on this approach except they’re fairly certain it’s a good factor. The “good thing” on this case is that prunes costing one and one half cents per pound to lift promote for six and 7 cents, and the prune raisers are all getting wealthy.

729. A BEE FARMHere is one other California bonanza. Says a person within the southern a part of the State: “Last year I marketed ten tons of extracted honey, and three tons of comb honey, all from 154 colonies. I received on an average ten cents per pound, or a total of $3,600. The space employed was 1,386 feet, or somewhat less than an acre.”

730. THE APPLE ACREA man in New England mentioned that after forty years expertise, elevating all types of crops, he discovered that his apple orchard averaged $55 per acre, which was higher than any crop on his different 200 acres of land.

731. THE SUGAR BEETPurchase a farm inside just a few miles of a sugar beet manufacturing unit. With correct cultivation you’ll be able to develop 9 tons to the acre, and the manufacturing unit value ought to be $4.50 per ton. The thriftiness of the beet makes little bother with weeds, and therefore the expense of elevating is just not one-fourth that of onions.

732. GILT-EDGED BREEDSThe sum of $5,100 was lately paid for a Poland-China boar. A litter of pigs of this breed introduced $3,500. These sums appear nearly unbelievable, however when folks have each the mania and the cash they are going to pay any quantity to gratify their style. There are individuals who take as a lot delight in pigs as others do in horses. The greatest solution to succeed with new breeds is to domesticate a pressure for your self. It requires time, persistence and expertise, and a few outlay in threat, however ultimately it pays, particularly if one has the present of understanding easy methods to trumpet his inventory.

733. DECEMBER LAYERSWith an insignificant expense you’ll be able to have eggs at Christmas in addition to at Easter. The value is usually greater than double on the former season. Connect with scorching water-pipes and preserve your hens heat. A chilly hen by no means lays an egg. A poultry skilled says if a flock is nicely cared for the entire yr spherical, it ought to pay yearly for every hen $1 internet. At the identical fee a flock of 4 hundred would convey a internet revenue of $400.

734. FLORIDA CELERYIn Florida the primary growers made out of $500 to $1,500 per acre. Competition has lowered the value, however at current charges males with six acres are getting a snug assist, and people who have the means to domesticate a big farm of this standard vegetable are quickly rising wealthy.

735. ONEIDA HOPSIt takes many hops to weigh a pound, however growers in Oneida County, New York, have raised 1,400 kilos per acre, receiving therefor $112. Probably that is considerably higher than the typical, however earnings in even low-price years are higher in that part of the nation than for another crop. Hops are a protected and simple crop.

736. BOSTON BEANSThey will not be raised in Boston–only baked there. They are a hardy crop, and can develop on any correctly cultivated soil. One yr with one other they convey $2.50 per bushel. Beans are the surest of all crops, and if the value had been solely as sure, you possibly can work out your revenue upfront nearly as precisely as if employed on a wage.

737. CHRISTMAS TREESBuy for just a few hundred {dollars} an deserted farm too poor for tradition, and pack it with small evergreens. Christmas bushes command from fifty cents to $5, and you’ll develop a thousand of them on a single acre. There are fortunes in what is known as nugatory land if you understand how to enhance it.

738. THE GUARANTEED EGGA nice enterprise will be performed with a assured egg. Success relies upon upon absolutely the perfection of your egg. Have a stamp made, and stamp each egg with the identify of your farm, and provide to interchange anyone discovered defective. Also stamp the date on which they’re taken from the nest. In this manner you’ll completely defend your product from the frauds of sellers, your eggs will attain a large popularity, may have a vast demand, and you’ll develop wealthy. There is a mine of gold on this suggestion.

739. DOUBLE VEGETABLE CULTUREHere is an thought of a New Jersey farmer. He has conceived the notion of grafting tomatoes on potatoes vines, or an air crop on a root crop, and thus elevating greens at each ends. There is nothing impracticable within the notion, and it’s probably totally possible, if solely he’s liberal sufficient along with his fertilizers. This is an thought for growers who’ve solely a restricted house, and the place land is excessive.

740. ENGLISH SHIRESColts from Lord Rothschild’s stud farm final yr averaged $875. It prices little extra to maintain horse than a poor one. There are nice prospects within the elevating of fine-blooded horses. The colt that received the good Futurity race this yr might have been simply purchased for $700 earlier than the race. Now $20,000 won’t buy him. “Plunger” Walton made $350,000 in two years on the turf. At the Elmendorf stud farm close to Lexington, Ky., a short while in the past thirty-three yearling colts had been bought at costs starting from $150 to $5,100, the typical value being $1,460.87 per head; on the identical time twenty yearling fillies introduced a mean of $676.50 per head, the forty-three yearling colts and fillies being the product of 1 breeding farm and promoting in sooner or later for $47,130 or a mean of $1,095.80 per head.

741. FORTUNES IN NUT SHELLSLand too poor for meadow and even for pasture could also be utilized for nut-growing. The bushes require little consideration, however will produce bushels of nuts if the soil is correctly stirred and fertilized yearly. One man in Connecticut raises annually 100 bushels of hickory nuts from ten bushes, and sells them at $2 a bushel. The rocky, waste lands of New England can develop thousands and thousands of those bushes. Chestnuts will be grown cheaper than wheat. The normal value is $4 to $8 per bushel, however massive chestnuts, early within the season, that’s, in September and October, convey from $10 to $15 per bushel. Judge Salt, of Burlington, N. J., says he has a chestnut tree in the midst of a wheat discipline that pays greater than the wheat. The common is about $19 per tree, and twenty bushes have ample room in an acre. This makes $300 per acre with however little price for cultivation. Here is one thing of significance concerning the pecan. The chief pomologist at Washington, D. C., says: “The cultivation of nuts will soon be one of the greatest and most profitable industries in the United States, and there is no use in denying the fact that the Texas soft shell pecan is the favorite nut of the world.” The common yield of those nuts in North Carolina is $300 to $500 per acre. Some pecan bushes in New Jersey are producing yearly 5 to 6 bushels of scrumptious, thin-shelled nuts.

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