What Shall I Do with My Money?–Enormous Profits in Trust Companies–The Most Costly Bell within the World–The Bell Telephone–Edward Bellamy’s Vision–The Best Paying Stocks–$11 per Day in a Lodging House–How a Young Man Made $10,000–How to Start with Nothing and Be Worth $100,000 when You are 40 Years Old.

The first query is, How to get fortune? The second, How to take a position it? The normal mistrust of cash issues is seen within the huge deposits within the financial savings banks–a disposal of financial savings which yields the smallest returns–and additionally within the readiness, to not say rush, to take authorities bonds when solely three per cent. and even much less is obtainable. We give just a few of the very best paying investments, however the record is not at all exhaustive. The first 4 are in a bit (Brooklyn Borough) of a single metropolis, however there is no such thing as a motive to doubt that different cities, and different sections of the identical metropolis, could make an equally good exhibiting. Indeed, many Western issues pay a lot larger dividends.

947. ILLUMINATING COMPANIESOf the ten illuminating corporations of Brooklyn, not one final yr paid a much less dividend than 5 per cent., and one paid ten per cent.

948. TRUST COMPANIESOf the eight belief corporations in the identical borough, just one paid lower than eight per cent., and that paid six. The highest paid sixteen per cent.

949. BANKSOf the twenty-three banks of Brooklyn, State and National, one paid its stockholders sixteen per cent.; one fourteen; two, twelve; one, ten; and 4, eight; just one paid lower than 5 per cent.

950. INSURANCE COMPANIESOf the 4 native insurance coverage corporations, one paid its stockholders twenty per cent., and the others twelve, ten and 5.

951. TIN PLATE COMPANYAll the tin producers of the nation are about to be related in a single nice firm, to be often called the American Tin Plate Company. The stockholders count on to double their earnings.

952. POTTERY COMBINATIONUnder the legal guidelines of New Jersey, the pottery belief has simply been organized with a capital of $20,000,000. The value of the inventory is quickly advancing.

953. CONSOLIDATED ICEAn ice firm, to be known as the Consolidated Ice, will quickly management all of the commerce of New York City. Prices are to go up, and earnings, as an alternative of a meager 4 or 5 per cent., as at current, will, it’s anticipated, be eight or ten per cent.


954. FLOUR TRUSTBritish and American stockholders have mixed to kind one of many largest trusts on the earth. The capital of the brand new firm can be about $150,000,000, and the output 95,000 barrels of flour day by day. Should the earnings be solely twenty-five cents a barrel, the online earnings can be practically $25,000 a day; however it’s anticipated that with the elevated value, the earnings can be not less than double that determine.

955. FURNITURE COMBINEThis is a brand new belief which is quickly to be floated, and which proposes to manage the manufacture of all the varsity furnishings within the United States. The capital is to be $17,000,000. Some concept of the large earnings awaiting the stockholders could also be shaped when it’s acknowledged that the current output is greater than $15,000,000. The mixture means decreased bills in operation, larger costs for patrons, and, after all, larger incomes for stockholders.

956. TELEPHONE MONOPOLYOne of the best monopolies of the nation is that of the Bell Telephone. The firm has elevated its capital inventory in eighteen years from $110,000 to $30,000,000. In that point it has earned $42,903,680. It pays dividends of eighteen per cent., and will pay extra, if allowed to take action by its constitution. The surplus is used to extend the capital inventory, in order that along with its huge dividends, each short while it presents its stockholders with new blocks of this exceedingly worthwhile inventory. The current value of shares is about $280.

957. A GREAT ELECTRICAL COMPANYAnother of Bellamy’s desires is to be realized. New York capitalists, with thousands and thousands of {dollars} at their command, have united in an awesome scheme to provide electrical vitality to run the elevated and floor railroads and the factories of the metropolis. They suggest to eliminate steam completely, aside from heating functions. They will management greater than 1,000 sq. miles of the watersheds of the Catskills, and the mountain streams can be harnessed to furnish electrical energy for New York. The firm declare to have the names of such well-known individuals as Thomas C. Platt, Silas B. Dutcher, and Edward Lauterbach as individuals within the scheme, and it’s stated that the enterprise can be on a a lot grander scale than the same one at Niagara, to which the Vanderbilts, the Webbs, and different well-known manipulators of finance have furnished backing. If this scheme ought to materialize, it is going to undoubtedly be among the best paying investments.

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958. INDUSTRIAL STOCKSHere is a partial record of the very best paying shares. Of course, the place the curiosity is giant, the value of the shares is correspondingly excessive. The investor, earlier than paying the excessive costs requested, ought to use his finest judgment in contemplating whether or not the current charges are more likely to be maintained. The highest dividends on industrial shares final yr had been as follows: Adams’ Express, 8; Consolidated Gas (New York), 8; Peter Lorillard (tobacco), 8; American Tobacco, 9; Diamond Match, 10; American Sugar Refining Company, 12; American Bell Telephone, 18; Standard Oil, 33; Welsbach Light, 80.

959. RAILROADS DIVIDENDSStock in such railroads because the Pennsylvania, Lake Shore, Michigan Central, New York Central, New York and New Haven, are secure and worthwhile investments, if you will get them. The last-named highway has paid ten per cent. for a few years, although not too long ago the figures have dropped to eight. The railroad shares paying the very best dividends final yr had been as follows: New York, New Haven and Hartford, 8 per cent.; Great Southern (Alabama), 9; Manchester and Lawrence, 10; Norwich and Worcester, 10; Boston and Providence, 10; Connecticut River, 10; Georgia, 11; Northern (New Hampshire), 11; Philadelphia, Germantown and Northern, 12; Pennsylvania Coal, 16.

960. LODGING HOUSEA man leased an deserted resort, containing 100 small rooms, and fitted them up with single beds. He charged a uniform value of twenty-five cents an evening. The location was down city in New York, the congested district the place congregate vacationers, tradesmen, workingmen, and the huge class of floaters. His rooms had been practically at all times full. Income per day, $25. Daily bills: Night clerk, $2; two chambermaids ($15 every monthly), $1. Rent, $5; lights, $1; laundry, $3; sundries, $1. Total bills per day, $13. Net revenue, $12 per day. He says, “I am sure I could double these profits if I could double my accommodations.”

961. REAL ESTATEA younger man twenty-one years of age, and possessing $500, purchased a tract of land within the outskirts of a suburban metropolis for $1,500. The tract contained twenty acres, and he paid $500 down and gave a mortgage for the rest. He had the property surveyed and divided into tons, eight to the acre. The tract was situated on the bend of a river, and he known as it “Riverside Park.” Lots had been marketed on the market at $100 every. The first yr he cleared off the mortgage by the sale of tons. He had remaining 145 tons. In 5 years he bought all these tons at a mean value of $85. Total quantity obtained for tons, $13,825. Price of land, $1,500. Taxes, $625. Surveying, grading, and many others., $762. Advertising and different strategies of booming the property, $1,272. Total price and bills, $3,534. Net revenue, $10,291. By repeating this course of on a bigger scale in one other metropolis, this younger man, who began at sixteen years of age with nothing, and by exhausting work and financial system had save $500 at twenty-one, discovered himself on the age of forty with $100,000. The secrets and techniques of his success had been 4: Shrewdness in foreseeing the place property can be more likely to advance; vitality in shortly altering the property from a farm into constructing tons; style in making them engaging, and giving the place a fairly identify; and, most necessary of all, the knowing how to create a market. We have recognized this course of repeated by others with nearly equally marked success. In all our giant cities there are land corporations creating suburban property and making fortune quickly.

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