Culturally and historically, the announcement of *the collapse of pillar* of Oyo (Oranmiyan)  will begin Alapini sending messages Gbẹ̀du drum be crushed in all domains of his ṣenior brothers (6 different sons of Odùduwà – Alake, Oniketu, Òní Sábẹ́ and so on).

Upon the listening to of the drum, they’re anticipated to remain indoor for 7 days, mourn their junior brother who by windfall owns all of the palaces and perform some rituals.

Upon completion of those rituals, they are going to Paroko to Arole (Ooni). Arole will in flip carry out *sure ritual rights*  at Ilé Ifè by the employees of Oranmiyan who will in flip ship emissary (paroko) to Bashorun in Oyo to shut the curtains of the Palace.

It is after this that Bashorun has the precise to the assembly of Ọ̀yọ́ Mesi (solely Alapini is excluded from the assembly for apparent causes 😂😂😂) who will them inform them that *the land is spoilt*.

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It is the Oyo Mesi members that can in flip *announce the spoiling of the land* to territories and areas they oversee all through the Empire. Bashorun can even give permission to Aare Ona Kakanfo to make sure that the Empire should be secured and put all Esos at alert as a result of *the land is spoilt*.

This course of could take roughly 6 weeks earlier than it come to the final information of the general public. The announcement was a fragile course of on the previous as a result of some *folks should observe the king on journey, he would not journey alone*, and as such, preparation of such that can *journey* with him must be executed with excessive stage of emotional intelligence.

Ní ìgbà ìwásẹ̀, a kì í tú’fọ̀ Aláàfin lálẹ̀de Ọ̀yọ́ , “Ilẹ́ bàjẹ́ l’Óde Ọ̀yọ́” ni wọ́n ńwí.

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Traditionally, till the affirmation comes from the Prime Minister and all of the rights carried out to the stage of Bashorun informing Oyo Mesi, its nonetheless a hearsay, even if it will need to have been to the information of who and who all through the Empire.

But let me rapidly add that that *was* and never *now*. This is simply the abstract of the way it was. Modernity has fully taken over every thing. Nobody follows Aláàfin on such a journey once more, no Àrokò wherever once more (Internet has taken over), Aláàfin leaves Palace these days (it’s prior to now that they are going to say, the *òń rọ̀’Yọ́ òń kánjú, Aláàfin ò rẹ bìkan*, so, ordinarily, it was nearly unimaginable for the land to be spoilt exterior Oyo Palace) and so on.