After the spiritual rigour of Hajj rites, I think I should add my tiny voice to the national discourse on Muslim-Muslim Ticket being opposed with acute phobia by some mischievous adherents of the Christian faith. Knowing the dangerous mindset of Yoruba Christians, against whom i have always warned, I am not surprised that this has become an issue being dragged left and right in the country. 


I am however happy that Christians are shamelessly putting up this kind of belligerent posture against Islam and Muslims at this critical period of our political history. This should definitely serve as an eye opener to all liberal and apologetic Muslims, including Tinubu, El-Rufai, Gabajabiamila and others, whose allegiance to Allah is merely domiciled in the mind. 



By now, I expect Asiwaju, in particular, to be a better Muslim. It should now be clear to him that Christians would never be pleased with him, as already amplified in the holy Quran, even when they pretend to be friends, unless he becomes as spiritually miserable as they are. This is an established fact we have long confirmed in our official interactions with our Christian bosses, subordinates, employees, business associates and even in-laws. 


What else does the Nigerian house of Christ want from Muslims? 


Asiwaju unofficially made Daddy G.O of the Redeemed Church, Mr. Adeboye, the official Chapel Prefect of Lagos state. He also succumbed to their pressure and installed Christian governors in a state of 90% of Muslim indigens. Every Presidential aspirant in the country and all Gubernatorial aspirants in the Southwest must visit the “holy sanctuary” at the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway to pay obeisance to “the man of God”. 



Tinubu also supported his wife to be ordained a Pastor in the church. He then gave his own Vice Presidential slot to a Pastor from the church, who later betrayed him. 

Even with all of these, the Nigerian Christians, especially in the Southwest, refused to trust him. This is simply a confirmation of Allah’s words that nothing you do can please a Christian unless, like him, you lose your eternity. 


We can see more clearly from these conspiratorial gimmicks of the Church that the Vice President, Professor Osinbajo, did not act alone when he became so obstinate in grabbing power and betraying his benefactor. He was of course not just obeying the Almighty Daddy G.O; but also, he was acting the script written by the Church; and CAN, in particular. 


Achievements of Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Thus, the current hostility is the second Scene of the one Act plot. The first, being the Yemi Osinbajo’s unrepentant contest at the APC’s primary election. Don’t be surprised if they go violent, as the last scene of the Act.

Christians are not to be trusted, I warned. I can only sympathise with those Muslims who conspire with them against any Muslim’s interest. 


Until the Nigerian Christians started crying wolf 🐺 against the possibility of a Muslim-Muslim Ticket, I didn’t see the idea of either a Muslim-Muslim or Christian-Christian presidency as a big deal, because with the present situation in Nigeria, neither of them will automatically solve our problems.

I’ll rather pray to have leaders, even if both of them are of the same faith, who will resolve this insecurity problem, epileptic electricity and this incessant ASUU strikes. 

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I don’t even care where they come from…


I have, for example, benefitted more from both Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan as Presidents of this country,  than I have had, from a brother in the present dispensation, who sits and watches as his brothers and kinsmen are being kidnapped, ransomed or slaughtered; and yet, he failed to come to their rescue. So, what’s the value?


Christians have however declared a full blown war by introducing this religious discourse into the polity and we must all pursue it to protect Islam.

This is a crucial moment in our political history and it’s a politics of number and propaganda, which I pray does not metamorphose into a politics of blood and disaster. 

The Egg is About to Be Broken Again


As at this stage, I implore the Muslim faithful to close their rank and forget their differences. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Sufi, an Ikhwaani or a Salafist.

The sword of an infidel can only link your name with your head, it doesn’t know the differences in your creedal conception. We should rather get equipped with our PVC and do the battle to protect Nigeria against these crusading vampires. 


May Allah grant us victory.


By Abu Mazeedatilhayr