*Highlights of the Message we will Pass to our Students on assembly and in Class*


1. Islam teaches Muslims to live in peace with non-Muslims.


2. Islam does not say everyone must be a Muslim. It allows freedom of religion.


3. Islam teaches Muslims to respect people of other faiths.


4. Islam teaches Muslims not to insult what Non-Muslims believe in. 


5. Islam teaches Muslims to love and respect Jesus Christ. No good Muslim will ever denigrate or blaspheme Jesus Christ or his mother.


6. Muslims regard Jesus Christ as one of the greatest prophets of Allah. They love him and pray for him.


7. Jesus Christ is known in Islam as Prophet Isa 


8. Muslims say, Alayhi-s Salāt was Salām, when the name of Prophet Isa is mentioned. This means: May God’s blessings and peace be upon him.


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9. Islam teaches Muslims to respect their neighbours even if they are not Muslims.


10. No verse of the Qur’ān or Hadith of the Prophet teaches Muslims to kill or fight innocent people.



11. We, Muslims, feel sad each time a non-Muslim disrespects our Prophet or our religion. We hope that no Christian and nobody will disrespect our Prophet or religion. But, if a non-Muslim says negative things about our religion or Prophet, we should see this as an opportunity to educate him or her about our religion or our Prophet instead of being aggressive or violent.


12. Islam is for love, respect, tolerance, selflessness and peaceful coexistence.


13. Islam is against taking an innocent soul. 

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14. Muslims should tolerate Christians and respect their beliefs and religious practices. Christians should also tolerate Muslims and respect their beliefs and religious practices. This is a good way to promote peace and harmony.


15. No serious Muslim should ever say a negative thing about what Christians believe in. Christians should also respect our Prophet and our religion so that we can all promote peace and unity.



16. No one should blame Islam because of the incident in Sokoto State. Islam is against jungle justice and violence.



17. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) occupies a very special place in Islam. We, Muslims, love him more than we love ourselves. Muslims will never force Christians to believe in him, but we hope that they respect him just as we respect and love Jesus Christ. They should not disrespect him. Any bad thing they say about him is an attack on Islam and the Muslims. 


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18. No one should blame all Hausa people because of the incident in Sokoto State. Not all Hausa people participated in killing the lady. Besides, our religion is against blaming innocent people for an offence committed by another person, or blaming a whole ethnic group for a mistake made by a few people. Islam is also against tribalism.