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Bbpress Revision

Bbpress Revision

Revision logging uses the existing revision system inside of WordPress to store a record of any post edits and displays this information on the front end of any bbPress topic or reply that has been edited.

To enable the ability to display revision logs on topic or replies after they have been edited:

  1. Go to Settings > Forums in the WordPress backend
  2. Then in the Forum Features section make sure “Allow topic and reply revision logging” is enabled

Whenever you edit a topic or reply by clicking the edit admin link on the post, you will see something similar to what is displayed in the image below.


revision logging edit reply

There will be a checkbox enabled by default saying “Keep a log of this edit”, the user can uncheck the checkbox if you wish to not display the revision log in the frontend of the post.

There is  also an input box where the user can also optionally write a reason for the edit. This is helpful for other users in the forums to know why you have edited the specific post, be it a spelling error or for moderators to leave a reason why a user’s post was edited.

After editing the topic or reply and allowing the revision log to display on the frontend by leaving the Keep a log of this edit checkbox unchanged, the revision log will look something similar to this.

revision logging display

The revision log displays if the the post is either a topic or reply, the time ago when the post was edited, the user that last edited the post, and if the user included a reason for editing the post it will display that also.

If the last user that edited the reply or topic was a user with the capability to edit other users posts, with that either being a Keymaster or Moderator by default, then it will display that user’s avatar and profile link in the revision log.


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