Don’t rub the kids of their childhood. Let them develop at their tempo.


Don’t rub the kids of their childhood. Let them develop at their tempo.

I used to be contacted to take a personal teaching session with a toddler who was going to clock 8years in June. Guess what, the kid is already in JSS2 now battling with childishness and foundational setbacks.

After interrogating the kid, I discovered she was simply being pushed. Double promotion all over the place. Not just like the baby is tremendous clever like that oh.

The implication of all these rush and double promotion will result in tampering with the developmental stage of the kid.

Do we additionally know that every major textbook was tailor-made in keeping with the kid’s psychological, emotional and psychological growth.

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So once we rush them or do the double promotion factor, we’re additionally skipping the psychological and psychological growth.

We maintain trying on the cognitive area. What of the affective and different domains concerned in studying.

It’s actually pathetic.

That a child is intelligent will not be sufficient cause to provide a double promotion or rush the kid. I do not even know who began this double promotion of a factor.

You cannot cheat nature, a toddler stays a toddler it doesn’t matter what.

When I see parents complain that their kids in Jss1&2 are nonetheless behaving like a child… I simply chortle.

Why will not they behave like infants, after they have been nonetheless infants within the first place.

Be an instance

Oh, I simply heard that “my child is the first to finish” is changing into a competition among parents. Hence, the urge to hurry their children.




I’m not even going to fake like all is properly with this observe. Let’s name a spade a spade.

I woke as much as the incessant name of a parent who wants their 8years old son to write common entrance. So they need a personal tutor.

The baby is in primary 4 and can be skipping primary 5 and primary 6. I merely informed them I will not be a celebration to such a rush, they need to get one other non-public tutor.

So I’m actually offended with this observe. Stop killing the kid!

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A toddler’s mind will not be totally developed till age 10.

So every time you ship a toddler under that age to secondary school, you’re sending an underdeveloped baby and in addition including to the stress of the instructor.

I do not care how extremely smart the kid is, that baby remains to be a toddler.

I’m drained! Teachers are drained! We are drained!

That’s why we’ve youngsters who cannot deal with peer strain.

They are all over the place, only one month or one week with somebody and they’re influenced negatively.

We made them so! The rush was pointless. They skipped the a part of psychological, emotional and psychological growth.

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