I had by no means recognized these profound distinctions between *Intelligence and Wisdom*


Worth studying and digesting on …

1. Intelligence results in arguments.
Wisdom results in settlements.

2. Intelligence is energy of will.
Wisdom is energy OVER will.

3. Intelligence is warmth, it burns.
Wisdom is heat, it comforts.

4. Intelligence is pursuit of information, it tires the seeker.
Wisdom is pursuit of reality, it conjures up the seeker.

5. Intelligence is holding on.
Wisdom is letting go.

6. Intelligence leads you.
Wisdom guides you.

7. An clever man thinks he is aware of all the things. A sensible man is aware of that there’s nonetheless one thing to study.

8. An clever man all the time tries to show his level. A sensible man is aware of there actually is not any level.

9. An clever man freely provides unsolicited recommendation. A sensible man retains his counsel till all choices are thought of.

10. An clever man understands what’s being stated. A sensible man understands what’s left unsaid.

11. An clever man speaks when he has to say one thing. A sensible man speaks when he has one thing to say.

12. An clever man sees all the things as relative. A sensible man sees all the things as associated.

13. An clever man tries to regulate the mass movement. A sensible man navigates the mass movement.

14. An clever man preaches.
A sensible man reaches.

Intelligence is sweet
however knowledge achieves higher outcomes.

Please be clever

But fairly, be sensible.


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