TRUTH OR DARE: Just Like That #ChrislandSchool.              ##My Daughter Fooled Me Too. ##==========—=============–          

I noticed the video of that Christland lady’s mom on-line; you already know, as a mom, I felt unhappy for her. Especially after I learn that they suspended her daughter.

But one thing in me mentioned, “hmmnnn, the children we are raising these days are “wiser” than us their dad and mom. I mentioned ‘wiser’ as a result of that’s what they consider themselves.

A number of days after, after I now noticed the video of the small lady that was mentioned to have been raped…I mentioned, oh, these youngsters won’t kill us, o🙏🏾. This is what my very own daughter did to me too. How I want the lady’s mom had simply quietly sought assist for her little one as a result of now everyone knows the lady isn’t the little harmless the mom thought she was. I’m not judging o however everybody who noticed it say the lady isn’t as harmless as we expect. My personal daughter did me the identical shege!

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Children of today? Forget them, they’ll idiot you into the properly, cowl you up and never even blink.

If I’ve a possibility to speak to the lady’s mom, I’ll simply inform her to maintain quiet, she ought to study from me.

Few years in the past, my daughter, she’s my niece truly; her mom died a very long time in the past and I’ve raised her since she was six years outdated…so she is my little one. She was simply 15 when this incident occurred.

I despatched her to one in all these Model Colleges in Lagos state.

She was in boarding faculty. That faculty didn’t even permit telephones or any of this yanmayanma that personal colleges permit, they’re just like the outdated Unity Schools of our days. That’s why I believed, she can be properly disciplined and concentrate on her research…

RCCG’s Dangerous Foray into Politics for Osinbajo

She was in SS1. They  resumed that day and each time they resume, the varsity insisted they returned of their home wears. This was manner earlier than Covid when dad and mom and family have been allowed to comply with the returning college students into their hostels and assist them settle in.

That day, I went to drop my daughter in class…in fact she was in her inexperienced test home put on. I went with my son, who helped her carry her field and bucket to the entrance of her hostel. I used to be on the bursar’s workplace, settling the excellent charges and exhibiting receipts for different funds I had made for books… you already know that form of factor.

My son got here again to fulfill me on the queue on the Bursar’s and mentioned his sister was settled…they name one another brother and sister although they’re cousins. Anyway. By the time I completed as a result of there have been plenty of dad and mom and guardians too who got here to settle monetary points with the bursar, it was late. So I informed my son to go inform his sister I’d come go to in two weeks’ time. I additionally couldn’t even see her earlier than leaving as a result of it was about 6.30pm and the bell was ringing for college kids to enter their hostels for head depend. The faculty at all times did head depend each night and particularly upon resumption.

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Many of the scholars nonetheless loitering across the premises bumped into the hostels to be counted.

We left that day and I believed I had finished my job as a mom.

Three days later, that was on a Wednesday, I used to be known as by my daughter’s home mistress asking for my daughter.

I mentioned, “Huh? What are you talking about?”

She mentioned my daughter hadn’t resumed faculty and that she was questioning what had occurred to her!

I mentioned, “Haba! Are you dreaming? I brought her to school on Sunday, she resumed with the rest of her mates on Sunday!”

House mistress mentioned my daughter hadn’t been seen in class for 3 days and although her mattress was at all times made, she hadn’t been bodily seen!

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I nearly ran mad as I raced to the varsity that day.

My thoughts was in a turmoil, I drove her to high school myself, and he or she was checked into the hostel by the home mistresses’ assistant, the place may she be?

We received to high school, lo and behold, upon chatting with me and realizing one thing was off, the home mistress had summoned my daughter’s shut associates to her workplace. She needed to know who had been laying her mattress and fooling her workers. Because you see, a laid mattress means the kid is round, proper? So they’d been laying her mattress, making the hostel workers imagine she was round. Empty beds or unlaid beds meant the kid hadn’t returned to high school.

Don't rub the kids of their childhood. Let them develop at their tempo.

She known as three of my daughter’s closest associates and requested them the place my daughter was.

They didn’t inform her, they stored silent however she delivered properly supposed backhand slaps and so they started to admit like witches…she then took all of them to the principal’s workplace, that was the place I met them.

The ladies have been nonetheless crying after I received there. They confessed that my daughter had met one boy on Facebook who invited her to return go to him at one lodge. He had known as her the next day to fulfill him at a sure place outdoors the varsity gate.

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Unfortunately for us, they didn’t know the title of the lodge. They mentioned after I dropped her in class carrying her home put on, she had gone into the hostel and adjusted to mufti. I had no concept she packed mufti in her field since you see, I packed the field myself. I did so not as a result of I even suspected she would go to high school with contraband, (the varsity permits provisions however there are particular objects they forbid like cellphone, and so on); they checked their containers upon resumption. So I packed her field as a result of when she packed the field, it was so jumbled up, I needed to take away all the things to repack neatly and it was in my presence her brother dragged the field into the automotive…so that you see these youngsters can idiot you.

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Anyway, that’s how we started to search for my daughter.

From lodge to lodge, we begged to go looking, some proprietors allowed us search, many mentioned they didn’t have anybody that regarded like her as visitor. We went along with her photograph. Oh sure, we went first to the police earlier than I started looking with my son and one other relative of ours.

For two days, we received nothing. I didn’t sleep, I didn’t eat as a result of I believed in my coronary heart my little one was deceived by some monster she noticed on the web.

But, my little one wasn’t the little harmless I believed she was in any case!! Ase, she had been chatting with this man and agreed to return and go to him. She had modified to mufti within the night and gone out of the varsity gate disguised as a cleaner within the faculty!

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Meanwhile, as far I knew then, she had no cellphone. I didn’t purchase her a cellphone as a result of I simply couldn’t even afford it; I gave her an outdated one I had used earlier than however she informed me it couldn’t do web and so she dropped it…I had no concept she had one other cellphone!

Do you know the way we discovered her?

On Friday, early within the morning, round 5.30 am, the evil boy she went to fulfill dumped her bare in entrance of the varsity gate!


They had raped her, used her…it was a painful sight. She had pink blotches throughout her physique. They have been many boys who raped her time and again…for 5 days. She was barely alive after they dumped her at their faculty gate. Maybe they’d heard police was on the lookout for her, I don’t know.

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The gate man mentioned he heard a sound, like some crying feebly on the gate, he opened the gate and noticed a unadorned lady…that was my very own little one. The little one I despatched to high school telling myself she was protected in class! I’d swear my daughter was properly behaved. Quiet, didn’t even exit when on holidays. Many instances I compelled her to go do some deliveries for me; she most popular being indoors, watching Tv.

When they recognized her as their pupil, she was capable of say her title earlier than she fainted once more. They known as me, I went to the varsity and took her straight to a close-by hospital.

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They admitted her and commenced to deal with her.

A number of days later, when she had regained her power, she informed me what occurred.

She was begging me and crying saying she had realized her classes and would by no means deceive me once more. I couldn’t even scold her as a result of seeing her situation, I noticed she had suffered sufficient. Her punishment was throughout her physique. She suffered a number of lacerations on her vagina, one damaged rib, she mentioned they have been beating her as they raped her; her face was badly swollen and pink with blood, her arms and toes had been tied in the course of the acts… and I knew an amazing lesson had been realized.

RCCG’s Dangerous Foray into Politics for Osinbajo

What else was there to say to her?

She spent three weeks within the hospital after which the varsity suspended her for that time period… Oho! I don’t blame the varsity. The story had gone out that she was setting a nasty instance.


She herself noticed hell that interval. Walking and urinating was hell for a while; fortunately she didn’t get pregnant as a result of that might have meant she would’ve needed to cease faculty fully.

But I thank God in the present day. I made her return to complete faculty. She was ashamed and didn’t wish to return, I mentioned, “what did you say?”

How Maggi Cube Kills Many Africans

She repeated however is only one yr behind her mates and he or she is decided to do higher. Sometimes, expertise actually is one of the best instructor, now my daughter mentors youthful ladies and advises them in opposition to on-line predators and never telling their dad and mom the place they have been going…

Today, I’m happy with my daughter, we each “fucked up”, but like that musician, Black Sherif said, “Of course, I fucked up…Who never fucked up, hands in the air, no hands?”   # DEAR PARENTS, PLEASE  LET’S LEARN TOGETHER.  OUR CHILDREN SHALL MAKE US PROUD  & NOT BRING SHAME TO US IN JESUS NAME . AMEN.

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(written by Peju Akande and primarily based on true story)