He loves a girl who’s enticing and profitable however he is intimidated along with her magnificence, success and her achievement. A hunter can go after lion and different wild animals however he can not preserve her alive, he has to kill her first. A hunter man will get interested in nice girl with nice desires however he’ll kill her dream with the intention to preserve her in his house and his life. He may cease her from doing her masters, from pursuing her dreams and kill her vanity. He will cease her from carrying good garments, driving good automobiles or doing a little jobs that can expose her to the world.

Mummies are Nice


Vultures naturally feast on useless animals and useless issues. A vulture husband is that man who desires girls who’re already useless. Women who’re susceptible, girls with inferiority advanced, village women who aren’t expose, girls who wants assist and at drawback. They like girls who aren’t educated or who doesn’t have ardour for large desires. They like a girl they’ll cow, oppressed and management like robotic. They like girls who haven’t any thoughts of their very own. Women who can not problem their foolishness and stupidity.


A gold digger can do something to dig gold anyplace he sees one. This kind of men does not love their women, they’re solely in relationship along with her due to the gold buried in her. No miner is within the sand they escalate or the bottom the place they dig a gold from. They are solely within the gold. The day there isn’t a extra gold on that floor, they transfer to the following place. This kind of males can depart their lovely spouse at house to go after ugly sugar mummies. They are largely customers and dumpers. They drain each girl they meet. They stick as a lot as there may be gold to dig however depart at any time when there is not any gold.

Considered one of my parental failures... by Femi Akinwumi


A farmer is a planter. He crops a seed, waters it to deliver out fruits from it. A farmer husband is a seed man who sees his woman or wife as a seed, crops her in his life and residential, waters her with encouragements, prayers, motivation, assist and many others and make her obtain her desires. He may marry a low esteemed girl however he will not depart her like he marries her. He may marry a village lady, however in few years he’ll polish her up. He pushes her to be the girl he desires her to be. He does factor that can improve her self price, he isn’t afraid if she’s higher than him. This is the kind of man God created therefore he mandated him to have a tendency every part within the Garden together with his girl.

Marriage is More Than Love and Romance.

Which kind of husband are you?

Which kind of husband are you married to?