I obtain calls and messages on a regular basis from our sisters. They need to know the way my aunty and I  love one another a lot. They surprise how the love between us is so robust. Some even consider we’re faking it. Some say we’re solely performing film.

Dear sisters, we’re not actresses, and the love we share isn’t a film, wallaahi.

Aunty mi (my cowife) isn’t any angel, neither is she silly. She accepted me even with a particular and costly present. I assumed it wasn’t actual till she confirmed it with actions.

Believe me, regardless of the quantity of maturity and piety of the primary spouse, if the second spouse isn’t affordable, pious and compassionate, issues will not work out between them. Although the primary person who makes issues work is our husband. That man na one thing else. Until I turned his spouse, I assumed all he instructed me about his spouse was solely to get me. He isn’t excellent, however I respect his knowledge.

Fear Allaah and deal with the primary wife the way you need to get handled.

Dear second spouse , lots of persistence ought to come from you. It isn’t simple to be married upon.

There was a day my husband was counseling a brother and he saved his quantity with lagbaja’s love. I solely noticed the love with out the lagbaja, I instantly developed stomach ache with dizziness. I checked out him by some means till I noticed the individual’s title.

Dear sisters, it isn’t simple. Please apply sense and don’t add salt to her damage. Oju ni malu n ro, obe o da lorun

Beware of dangerous influencers. Those dangerous buddies supplying you with unsuitable recommendation is not going to be there with you. They will solely wreck your marriage. They do not love you. If they do, they are going to need peace for you. You’ll be in that marriage alone, bear in mind. You’ll face the implications alone.

My fellow second queens, be good to your cowives and discover ways to look away. Beware of suspicion. It kills love quick.

Remember you are not going to remain in that marriage perpetually. You might die earlier than your cowife and go away your children behind. There will not be a wholesome relationship between your cowife’s children and yours if there was no wholesome relationship between you each.

Save the way forward for your children.

Many step kids preventing one another today are the results of their mothers’ unhealthy relationship.

If you’re in good time period together with your cowife, the children will certainly be better of buddies

Think about your children’s future and a lay good basis for them.

Every sacrifice you make between you and the primary spouse won’t ever go in useless. The reality is, your husband will even respect you extra. That doesn’t suggest you’re silly.

Your kids will reap from what you sowed

Respect the primary spouse, ko rorun fa.

Let individuals name you dindinrin for treating your cowife effectively, ko matter

I select to not betray my peace of thoughts

Omoniyi Olaitan khadeejah (Ummu Ramlah)

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