by Chief Tola Adeniyi, a former MD of Daily Times.

Society should rethink this problem of pretentious monogamy vis-à-vis polygamy in order that within the not-too-distant future we don’t find yourself with hundreds of thousands of single ladies whose life fashion could be worse than prostitutes’ and hundreds of thousands of youngsters whose fathers could be nowhere to be discovered.

The article is designed to show the hypocrisy and ache related to embracing false notions that are actually not noticed by any tradition on the earth, and to advise those that erroneously sentence themselves to a lifetime of unhappiness and vacancy as a result of they have been deceived to consider that there’s some utopia someplace referred to as monogamy.

I’m very a lot conscious that this text will generate lots of controversy most particularly from those that reside holier-than-thou life and have continued to deceive the world that they’re upholders of a doctrine that’s not supported by true and enlightened interpretation of any non secular doctrine.

My Greek, Italian, Russian, British, American and different Caucasians routinely go to their different wives [called by other names] with whom they’ve youngsters. But again within the properties shared with the one carrying the ring, they’re monogamists!

If God had needed humanity to be monogamous He wouldn’t have made the pigeon the one monogamous creature. The cultures that observe polygamy had at all times recognized that at any given time, the variety of out there marriageable ladies far out quantity out there males plus the truth that an 80-year-old man, if he has cash, continues to be very a lot available in the market whereas a 60-year-old lady is probably not that fortunate. The organic limitation to a lady’s productive age can also be an element. Why ought to a lady subsequently stay on the shelf until age 45 when she might jolly nicely get married as second or fourth spouse to a person *who can afford to share life’s tasks along with her*? 

Why ought to a lady go away a person with whom she is No 1, just because he took a second spouse and find yourself being numberless within the fingers of a number of males with whom she naturally shares mattress simply due to some doctrine she hardly understands?

All the ladies who ought to go and marry however are saying they don’t need to share their man with one other lady in a polygamous setting, are sharing present boyfriends with a number of different ladies. Where is the logic?

The argument that youngsters in a polygamous home are at all times at one another’s throat doesn’t maintain water. Many siblings of monogamous households are typically recognized to have had worse and irresolvable or irreconcilable squabbles with soiled bitterness over inheritance and even different issues than youngsters from completely different moms.

The agony suffered by each women and men within the hand of unnatural legal guidelines and doctrines is simply too stifling for consolation. In 2002, 5 hundred and two Reverend moms have been reported to have died whereas procuring abortion in Rome (alone). Nigerian Tribune wrote an editorial on the unlucky incident. And tales of Reverend fathers having youngsters and sodomising younger males of their care are legion! Why the hypocrisy? Why ought to the world proceed to reside the lifetime of Ostrich?

A well-known Nigerian journalist cover his different wives from his spouse as a result of his faith wouldn’t allow of it and his spouse, dwelling in monogamy mustn’t hear of it. At his funeral service programmes, 9 wives surfaced and the lady parading the ring collapsed. It was the grace of God that prevented double internment that day!

Mitterrand, the previous French president was found to have facet attachment with 2 children after he died. Meanwhile French legal guidelines limit man to just one spouse. Arnold Schwarzenegger who was married to JF Kennedy’s sister had a troubling dwelling. He disclosed to the spouse that the male youngster the previous home maid was carrying about was truly his son. That day the Kennedy girl didn’t sleep in that home. She parked out of the home that evening along with her 3 children. She can’t tolerate to share her husband with one other lady. She is there with no different man.

So, over to these whose opinion is hinged on no matter cause to rethink. This is changing into a wild fireplace that can go away no dwelling in no distant time.


Let’s all replicate on this.

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