*Men’s double normal on social media.*

Subhanallah! my fellow brothers let’s worry Allah. A person advised his spouse to not use social media and if she does, she is divorced. Months later, she found that he’s utilizing social media. That is the least, in comparison with what she found later. Her husband was having extramarital affairs on social media. The worst half is, he was doing it with each married and single girls.

The reality is most males who don’t desire their wives and daughters to go on social media are attempting to outsmart nature. Which is unimaginable. They understand how they’re utilizing the platform to destroy different folks’s households however they do not need the identical smash to come back to them.

Here is the reality, Karma is a b**ch. Kama Tudin Tudan ( What goes round comes round). This is the promise of Allah. If you do it with another person’s daughter or spouse, certainly they’ll do to your daughter, mom, or spouse. In some narration, the Prophet says, they’ll do it with the wall of your own home for those who dont have anybody in your loved ones. So cease operating from the decree of Allah. If you dont need it, cease doing it on others. And cease placing restrictions in your wives for egocentric causes.


Assalamu Alaikum.

*Dear Cheating males,*

It is just not honest and befitting for you as leaders and controllers of an entire household to maintain your loved ones in starvation or difficulties or manageable life, which outdoors, you spend some huge cash on prostitutes or some unusual woman you met on Facebook or Instagram. Wallahi this isn’t honest.

Most of you, your wives have been very affected person as a result of they sympathize with you and perceive your scenario (monetary standing). But once you go outdoors, you spend your final penny on a whore. Your little ladies are at house ravenous, in all probability you have not gotten them any items for years. But you’ve gotten cash to purchase some ineffective items for a whore.

Eczema in Children

By Allah (wallahi), your wealth won’t be blessed for those who select that path. The greatest items are those we give to our household. A person went to the Prophet and advised him that he has a giant farm and he desires to donate it to the Muslim ummah. The Prophet requested him, do not you’ve gotten a household? He replied, Yes I’ve. Then go and provides to your loved ones first earlier than outsiders. The household earns you extra rewards. (Sahih Bukhari)

Therefore, I urge males to worry Allah and do the best factor. Your wives are those struggling at house whereas elevating your kids, not that prostitute in your Messenger. Your wives are busy constructing a house for you on this world and in Jannah. That prostitute is just constructing you a spot in Hellfire. Fear Allah earlier than it’s too late for you. Enough is sufficient. Turn to your loved ones. Leave these prostitutes.

TEN ADVICE from a Supreme Court JUDGE who dealt with Family Dispute Courts

Assalamu Alaikum.