It takes a LIFETIME to appreciate that one’s *_DAD WAS THE BEST_*

*WHEN* I WAS 4 years outdated, I knew my dad to be THE BEST…

*WHEN* I used to be 6, I additionally knew Dad to have identified all of it…

*WHEN* I used to be 10 years of age, I knew Dad to be good.

 *WHEN* I used to be 12 years I started to suppose that Dad wasn’t pretty much as good as  he was after I was just a little boy…

*WHEN* I WAS 12 years outdated, I started discovering him to be extra temperamental and strict as by no means earlier than….

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*WHEN* I WAS 16, I used to be satisfied that he was an old style, and was lower than customary – to the present occasions we stay in….

*WHEN* I turned 18, I assumed Dad was very illiberal and arduous to speak with & additionally troublesome to get together with…

*WHEN I* turned 20, I spotted that he wasn’t a straightforward individual, and commenced questioning how Mom was capable of put up with him in all of the years of marriage…

*WHEN I* turned 25, it appeared like he had many objections to every part that I did….

*WHEN I* turned 30, I used to be satisfied that we weren’t on the identical web page, and that nothing would ever please him…

*WHEN I* turned 40, I then solely started to appreciate how good my upbringing was, and that I must also increase my youngsters up in the identical method…

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*WHEN* I used to be 45, I began questioning how did Dad ever put up with  all of the challenges he confronted with us while we have been rising up …

*WHEN* I turned 50, I spotted how troublesome it was for Dad to have educated us and attempting to instill good manners

in us, thus I started questioning how he managed to tolerate our excesses

*WHEN* I used to be 55 years of age, I solely then began realizing the knowledge & foresight my Dad had of life in getting us to the place  we’re right now…

*When* I turned 60, ONLY then did I finally understand that *MY DAD WAS THE BEST*


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It takes a lifetime to appreciate the true standing of our father. It takes us a lifecycle to actually admire our father.

The distinction being, as teenagers rising up, we selfishly view life inside the confines of our personal egocentric pursuits, while our fathers view life selflessly, sacrificing every part for us.

Sadly, we generally fail to grasp that our fathers are all the time our nicely WISHERS.

At 40 solely, will we then begin to understand that what we believed once we have been 4 to be true…

Some are but lucky to have realized their fathers’ true worth while their father resides, while others have  sadly realized when it was too late – their fathers had departed from this world! It’s a painful guilt to stay with.

So kids, please hearken to, obey and honour God, Your Creator and your  earthly father WHO LOVES you and sacrifices all in your good .

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God bless you all.