A: Always love your spouse.

B: Believe in each other.

C: Celebrate each other often.

D: Don’t argue but always reason together.

E: Expect imperfections from your spouse.

F: Fix solutions to problems on time.

G: Go for a walk together once a week.

H: Hold each other’s hands often.

I: Ignite the passion in your spouse daily.

J: Just laugh over issues worth criticizing.

K: Kill the spirit of unhealthy competition.

L: Let your spouse know your movements.

M: Make love like newly weds.

N: No separate room for you both.

O: Oppose any intruder or third party.

Sensible Recommendation to Men on Marital Relationship by a 3 Star General

P: Pray together always.

Q: Quality time should be spent together.

R: Resist every temptation of infidelity.

S: Stay positive to each other’s vision.

T: Take no record of past offence.

U: Utilize every opportunity to bond.

V: Visualize a glorious future together.

W: Win each other’s admiration daily.

X: X-ray your lives together.

Y: Yell not at each other for any reason.

Z: Zip your mouth when you’re angry.