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*The Rights of the Father upon his Son*

Shaykh Ḥammād ibn Muḥammad al-Anṣārī رحمه الله talked about a narration through which al-Layth ibn Sa’ad – D. 175H – رحمه الله mentioned:

The father has ten rights over his son:

1. When he wants meals, he feeds him.

2. When he wants clothes, he garments him if he is ready to and that is a few of the explanations of Allāh’s assertion:

‎وَصَاحِبْهُمَا فِى ٱلدُّنْيَا مَعْرُوفًۭا

“Behave with them kindly in the world.” • [31:15]

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3. When one in all his dad and mom wants his service, he serves them.

4. When he calls him, he replies and attends to him.

5. When he instructions him to do an affair, he obeys him so long as it isn’t an act of disobedience [to Allāh] or backbiting.

6. To communicate with him with variety, delicate, lenient speech.

7. To not deal with him by his identify.


8. To stroll behind him.

9. To love for him what he loves for himself and dislike for him what he dislikes upon himself.

10. To supplicants for mercy for him.

● [مختصر الحقوق حماد الأنصاري ص ٢١٦-٢١٧]

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