*The Thread of Relationships*

After the demise of a jeweler, his household was in grave bother. They didn’t come up with the money for even for meals. One day, his spouse gave her son a sapphire necklace and stated – “Son, take this to your uncle’s shop. Ask him to sell it and give us some money.”

The son took that necklace and reached his uncle’s store. His uncle seemed on the necklace completely and stated – “Son, tell your mother that the market is very slow right now. If she sells it after some time, she will get a good price.” He gave him some cash, and additional stated, “come and sit with me at the shop from tomorrow.”

So, the following day onwards, the boy began going to the store each day, and there he began studying the way to take a look at diamonds and gems.


Soon, he grew to become a well known connoisseur of diamonds. People began coming from far and broad to get their diamonds examined.

One day his uncle stated, “Son, bring that necklace from your mother now…tell her that the market is good now, you will get a good price.”

Taking the necklace from his mom, the younger man examined it himself and located that it was a faux. He started to marvel that his uncle was such an excellent connoisseur…why did not he inform them?

Leaving the necklace at residence, he returned to the store.

Uncle requested, “Didn’t you bring the necklace?” He stated, “Uncle, it’s artificial… But why did you hide this from me?”

Then his uncle stated, “If I had told you it was fake when you had first brought the necklace to me, you would have thought that I was only doing it because you were in a difficult situation.


Today when you yourself have the knowledge, you know for sure that the necklace really is fake. At that time, it was more important for me to take care of the relations than to speak the truth.”

The fact is that, with out information every part we predict, see and know on this world is fallacious. And due to this, {our relationships} turn into a sufferer of misunderstandings which then result in rifts, and our life begins falling aside.

The invisible thread by which relationships are tied is nourished by love and belief.

“Don’t leave someone’s side at the slightest strain in relations…

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It takes a lifetime to make people your own but it takes a twinkle of an eye to lose them”.

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