Most instances when a *marriage is in hassle* , folks are inclined to see their Marriage as a *mistake* quite than seeing the *errors they’re making*  of their marriage. At this level they *remorse marrying their spouse or husband, start to think about a brand new companion, think about marrying their ex or fantasizing a wedding with out points.*

Some even divorce or remarry and later want they’d *remained* with their first Spouse, as they discover better hassle within the new partner. This is as a result of *the primary marriage was not a mistake,* and the error has not been *found but.*

So you’ll be able to remarry as many instances as you want, you’ll nonetheless expertise issues in marriage till *you uncover the errors you make in your marriage and proper them.*

So divorce or separation will not be an answer to think about if you end up having issues along with your marriage.

When your automobile has a flat tyre, you don’t abandon it, however restore the tyre and transfer on.

When we’ve got a headache, irrespective of how excruciating, we don’t lower off the pinnacle however deal with the headache.

When a bulb blows out within the room we don’t change the room or the home, we change the bulb and light-weight up the room.

When we’ve got challenges at work, we don’t refuse to go to work, we go there to resolve the issues.

So when marriage has a problem, we do not have to attempt to change the partner as a substitute of fixing the *angle* that’s creating the issue.

Most instances once we see some {couples} having fun with their marriages and having fun with one another to the fullest, we admire and cherish them, however the reverse is seen in our personal marriage. The purpose is that some folks have labored on their marriage *by paying the required value* and that’s the reason they’re having fun with the fruits of their labour. It is claimed, “The way you make your bed is the way you will lie on it”.

Your marriage is as *good* or as *candy* as you make it. Some {couples}, due to the *adverse issues* they’re seeing of their marriage, accuse one another of being accountable. They level accusing fingers at one another for being accountable. Some even say many unhealthy issues about their partner, even *calling her or him names;* some assume that marrying that man or that lady was a mistake.

 *It will not be so, your marriage was not a mistake,* *however you’re the mistake.*

Your *behavior* is the error

Your *character* is the error

Your *method, anger, unforgiveness, laziness, lack of affection, lack of affection, lack of consideration, impatience, bitterness, selfishness, ignorance, stinginess, not being thoughtful, infidelity and lovelessness are the errors.*

Talking about bitterness. Some nonetheless dream of a wedding with their ex seeing your partner as a stumbling block. *Wake up* and scent the espresso. Be *content material* along with your partner. That *habits* is your mistake.

So *rise up now* and *construct your marriage* as a result of it’s not a mistake.

 *Divorce or separation* are by no means choices until it’s LIFE threatening.

 *Amend your methods and selections.* Give your partner a *stress free life. May Allah be with us*

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