The sincerity of a *husband* is understood in the course of the illness of his spouse. That of a *spouse* is understood in the course of the monetary problem of the husband. True love of *kids* is understood in the course of the outdated age of the mother and father.

The true nature of *siblings* is understood throughout distribution of inheritance.

The *sincerity* of associates is understood throughout exhausting instances.

The *true kin* are recognized when one is way from his nation, lonely or sick.

*True love* is understood when there isn’t a technique of profit & a *true believer* is understood throughout instances of hardship.  


In all, life is the trainer itself*. May we develop in knowledge, understanding and persistence.

1. *Be* cautious so you do not *hate* a *pretty* *particular person* ,  due to a *soiled hearsay* you heard about them which was created out of *jealousy* and *envy* .

2. *Try* to *admire* those that *gossip* about *you* . It’s not simple for *somebody* to *depart* their *issues* and *carry* yours on their *head* .

3.  *Forgive* _betrayals_ however be *cautious* with *them* ,as a result of subsequent time they could not *spare* your *life* .

4. *Even* in case you kill *your self* for some *individuals*, they’ll nonetheless *complain* that you simply did not *die* in a *correct* manner. Do your *greatest* and *depart* the *relaxation* ,  you’ll be able to’t *fulfill* _human being_ .

Caution the Baby Now!

5. *If* you might be at all times *nervous* about what *others* are saying about *you* , you’ll *by no means* be *completely happy*.

6. *When* your _blessings_ are getting *nearer* ,  your *assaults* turn out to be *better*. Don’t take a look at the *storm*, *God* is the controller of all issues he created, and is by your *facet*, you are a victor.

7. Everybody cannot *love* you,  do not *lose* your *peace* over those that *hate* you.

Those who *satisfied* individuals to hate you can’t *persuade God* to *hate* you.

8. Stay related to God at all times.

Have confidence in God for with God all issues are attainable.