☆ A girl is the one who feeds a person with encouragement and concepts.

☆ A girl is the one who helps a person to save lots of and make investments correctly .

☆ A girl doesn’t run her mouth with abuses and insult simply to show factors, reasonably her phrases are gracious and might heal a damaged coronary heart. 💔

☆ A girl is the one which is aware of when to speak 😬and to maintain Quiet.😇

☆ A girl is the one that does not expose her husband’s secret.

☆ A girl is the one that’s contended with what she has, and never the one which sells her self for materials issues.

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☆ A girl is a supervisor, a caretaker, a womb that may nature and beginning destinies .

☆ A girl would not do trending issues, however she is reserved and has a style of a Queen.👩‍🍳👩‍🎓🧕

☆ A girl would not look down on any man due to his current state of life and monetary standing, reasonably she encourages her husband to get higher by giving him utmost help he wanted and at d proper time. ⏰.

☆ A girl is the one that doesn’t simply bear infants, however bears concepts and inspiration which might be impregnated with excellent issues, anytime, anyplace.

☆ A girl is the one a person can cry on her shoulders😭😫😣 and never really feel humiliated for doing so nor really feel dejected .

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☆ A girl will not be the one which deceives a person simply to eat his cash, however the one who’s trustworthy and honest in any relationship.

☆ A girl will not be the one which makes males really feel horrible, however the one a person can run to for consolation.

☆ A girl is the one that may spoil a person with honour and respect🧎‍♀️ as a result of there lies her energy and integrity .

☆ A girl is an affect, a nation and a helper.

Many are females however only some could be referred to as ladies.

Now ask your self at the moment :
am I a lady ❓❓❓