Why is your lady not proud of you? Why is she simply offended, irritable,  depressed,  pissed off and really bitter in direction of you? Why did she lose respect for you in marriage? Why is she so emotionally,  hates intercourse and misplaced her attraction?

1. YOU DON’T APPRECIATE HER: Some males are good complainers and critics. They imagine praising a lady will make her head swell and misbehave,  even when she s slaving to dying,  they are going to fairly assault,  abuse,  complain,  criticize than recognize her. If you might be that kind of man, you’ll be able to by no means have a cheerful lady below your roof. A easy “Thank you”,” You are doing a great job”, “It’s great having you in my life” will do an incredible magic and switch your marriage round. Learn to understand your spouse when she goes out of her method to please you. She will probably be completely satisfied and that gloom in your marriage will routinely disappear.

2. YOU DON’T LISTEN TO HER: We are communication beings. I imply girls love to speak,  be listened to and effectively understood. When you might be too busy to speak together with her, look into her eyeball and let her know she is crucial particular person to you after God,  you’ll have a pissed off,  depressed spouse. We perceive you could be so busy and wishes time to unwind and suppose,  sure! We know however do not make a behavior of ignoring your spouse. She wants to speak to her day by day.

3. YOU CHEAT ON HER: Double courting is just not allowed in courtship,  for those who cheat on her,  she is going to finish it. Chasing aspect chicks,  having emotional/sexual chats with different girls could make your spouse lose her thoughts. No spouse will ever be proud of an adulterer. Stop it now and work in your marriage or chances are you’ll find yourself divorced.

4. YOU DON’T ADMIRE  HER: Some males will have a look at their very stunning spouse,  acknowledge her magnificence and attractiveness however to open their mouths and say it’s huge downside. Some males must be taught admire their girls. Learn to open your mouth and inform your spouse she’s stunning day by day. No man on the market ought to do this for you,  it is your job. Admire her when she makes effort to look good for you. Admire her hair,  physique and pure endowments. Admire her uniqueness. Open your mouth and inform her. Women want to listen to this as typically as doable. Any time hubby tells me I’m so stunning,  effectively endowed and irresistible, I am unable to assist blushing. My day is made!

5. YOU RUSH IN AND OUT OF SEX: Little or no foreplay will go away her dry and uninterested. Rushing in and speeding out of intercourse is a killer of sexual intimacy in marriage. Learn to be romantic. Be affected person together with her,  take issues slowly until she is prepared for intercourse. Do not roll over and sleep when it’s over. Pull her in your arms. Let her sleep in your arms. There is nothing as blissful as sleeping in my husband’s arms, let your spouse sleep in your arms.


You sit in entrance of TV with distant in hand and a tooth choose in between your tooth whereas your spouse is slaving within the kitchen,  altering diapers,  serving to your children with task,  answering telephone calls from purchasers,  sweeping the condominium,  getting ready for the subsequent day work. That’s very unhealthy. Your spouse works as a lot as you do if no more. Learn to help your lady at residence. Don’t flip her to your maid,  do not watch her die of stress,  do not make her look older than you.

7. YOU COMPARE HER WITH OTHER WOMEN. That’s a disgrace. If you like her the best way these girls’s husbands love them,  she will probably be extra virtuous than all of them. Stop evaluating your spouse with girls you do not know their weaknesses. If their husbands let you know their different aspect they’ve been enduring you’ll thank God for yours. The grass all the time look greener on the opposite aspect. Stop being covetous. Work in your marriage and have a greater spouse.

8. YOU CORRECT HER IN PUBLIC: Nothing embarrasses a lady extra like her husband correcting or shouting at her in public. It is demeaning and really babyish. Every type of correction ought to happen in the home earlier than stepping out and if in any respect you have to appropriate as a matter of urgency,  name her apart and converse to her softly,  maturely and discreetly. You will earn her honour for safeguarding her picture,  she is going to respect you extra and be proud of you.


This is mistaken. You usually are not joined to your mom however your spouse. You usually are not one together with your mum however your spouse. Some males do not perceive the language of leaving and cleaving. You go away each type of emotional intimacy together with your dad and mom and bond together with your spouse. You ought to discuss first to your spouse not your mum when making choices. Both of you need to converse with one voice to your mum. Some males even go away the house operating of their marriage to the mom and deal with their wives like slaves in her marriage. No lady will ever be proud of you in that sort of association -never!


How can a lady ever be proud of a husband who spends all his cash on himself and his prolonged relations and little or nothing on his spouse and youngsters. These males seem good,  very beneficiant,  philanthropic outdoors however inside,  the girl is struggling,  hungry and indebted. The lease is in arrears,  kids are despatched residence for college charges,  debtors are harass to to bless him,  however the tears of the spouse and youngsters are cursing him. Your spouse’s curse will work sooner than all of the supposed blessings you anticipate out of your eye service. Charity begins at residence. Your spouse and youngsters are extra essential than others. Take care of them first earlier than taking good care of outsiders. When your loved ones is completely satisfied,  effectively fed and clothed,  they are going to be completely satisfied and bless you. People will bless you for serving to you. God may even bless you abundantly.

Learn to place first issues first. When your spouse is proud of you,  your life will run easily,  doorways of favour will open to you and you’ll enhance in well being,  wealth and prosperity.

Do not make your spouse sad,  it’ll have an effect on your marriage.

May the nice Lord assist you to be the perfect husband on the earth to your spouse.

Thanks for studying. God bless you. Cheers!

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