In our modern time, the speed at which many men joke with marriage in the name of “women are many” is harmful and disturbing. May be what we’d be doing now’s to position a curse in between earlier than weddings might be performed. For Allāh’s sake, all of us have sisters. We at the moment are having daughters. AlhamduliLlah. If we maintain quiet on this frequent downside, we’d all be on the receiving finish.

Why would a person divorce a lady few weeks or months into a wedding on the bottom that he by no means liked her from day 1, after consumation. Yes, divorce is permissible. But the explanations for it have to be real and cheap. If you dislike her after she had accepted your proposal, please discover a method of leaving her earlier than the wedding is performed and consumated. Your case can be truthful. She would transfer on. Hence the saying, what you’ll not eat, do not odor it, discuss extra of tasting it.

So, a lady is now like a candy (lollipop ) that if you happen to do not like its style, you possibly can drop and decide one other one? Is this what our world has develop into? SubhanAllah. Even if the girl does not curse such a person, will Allah be proud of him? You can name this feminism or something you want. Allāh sees my intention and He knows I have seen real instances of this nature.

Finally, sisters, open your eyes very properly. Don’t be blinded by candy tongues. Don’t fall for pretenders who’re solely ready so that you can enter earlier than they start to show their actual nature. Allāh is so Great. He would present you some alerts. Don’t ignore them within the identify of affection. The actual love is within the marriage when you’ll each don’t have anything to cover from each other. May Allah information our sons, brothers, sisters and daughters in direction of the correct resolution on this regard.

©️Ibn Abdillah As-sudaisiy Al-Iloori

twentieth June, 2021

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