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You know that thing they say about Gen Zs having zero chill for any work-related stress? We spoke to 7 people and they shared the very moment they looked at a potential job and decided, “nah fam.”

I’m not sure if almost every Nigerian recruiter attended a joint workshop to decide on the best way to torture applicants because so many of them play by the same book. I had applied for this interesting vacancy and was quite hopeful. Only to complete a pre-screening assessment, personality test and case study before even getting shortlisted. It was when I was asked to complete a mini work project that I gave myself brain and japa-ed. All that to possibly not even get an interview call-back.
First off, I’d done a preliminary interview with this company already, and they knew I was based in Ibadan. After the first interview, they invited me for a second at their head office in Lagos. Keep in mind that this was supposed to be a fully remote role. Imagine jumping bus to another state when there’s no assurance I’d get the role. I told them if there was no way I could attend the interview remotely, I’d pass. They didn’t reach back.
This happened recently. I went through the different interview phases of this big real estate firm on the island and was offered a job. Omo, see conditions. 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every workday (plus Saturdays) and I would need to secure sales of at least 10 million naira every month. If I don’t meet the target, my monthly net salary would be cut from ₦100k to ₦20k. I dusted my slippers and told them thank you.
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To be fair, I applied without conducting any research. Imagine the shock when I logged on to the Zoom interview to find five uncles on the call. I lost interest at that point, and I’m sure my answers weren’t matching the questions. I didn’t see myself working at that kind of organisation.
The intended salary wasn’t stated in the job vacancy, and I didn’t ask during the interview so as not to appear unserious. After all was said and done, I got the offer and it was ₦80k. I live in Agbara. The office is at Festac. Adding transport costs and the stress, it just wasn’t worth it.
I still laugh when I remember this. When the ASUU strike got extended, my sister suggested I consider an internship with a family friend (he owns a private firm). I got there and had to wait in the reception area. Two minutes later, the secretary (who knew why I was there) waved a food flask in my face and asked me to go buy her amala. When I left that day, I told my sister I wasn’t going back.
I think cover letters are a complete waste of time, and I often lose interest in job applications when I discover that they are required. It hasn’t stopped me from landing jobs so nobody should stress me, please.
*All names have been changed for the sake of anonymity.
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We spoke to 7 Nigerian Gen Zs and they shared the very moment they looked at a potential job and decided, “nah fam.”
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