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10 Reasons Masturbation Is Good for a Man’s Health


Nope, it doesn’t cause blindness or hair to sprout wildly from a man’s hands. Masturbation is actually a very healthy hobby to have, affecting all areas of a man’s health and wellness from the top of his head to the depth of his heart. Ranging from everything from cancer prevention to self-love, masturbation is a free, easy hobby that yields powerful results for a man’s wellness.

#1: Body Confidence

Getting sexy with oneself is a great way to get in touch with erogenous zones and feel pleasure. Masturbation has also been shown to help people be more in touch with and feel better about their bodies, promotes intimacy, and improves communication regarding likes, desires, and dislikes with a partner. It’s a pathway to accepting oneself as well as being a confident lover.

#2: Feel-Good Hormones and Relaxation

Unlike partner play, masturbation is generally all about the orgasm. When a man orgasm, his body is flooded with dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins. These are the “love and bonding” hormones that create a feeling of safety and warm fuzzies. They also lower cortisol, the evil stress hormone, which leads to less inflammation, weight gain, and stress-eating. Masturbation has also been shown to lower blood pressure, creating a relaxing mood.

#3: Cheeto-Fighting Powers

Remember that oxytocin? It keeps a man happy which stops emotionally-triggered food cravings for things like cheese, sugar, and other comfort goods. So put away the Ben & Jerry’s and pull out the lube instead.

#4: Improves Sperm Quality

Give swimmers an extra boost. Like anything else perishable, the fresher, the better. There are less motility issues and DNA damage when sperm is regularly turned over.

#5: Improved Microbiome

Who knew the key to bloating and gassiness was masturbation? The regular flood of pleasure keeps the guts in check and balances digestion. It’s due to the bloods increased circulation and positive hormone balance.

#6: Reduced Pain

Orgasm circulates the blood through the body which naturally help soothe aches and even headaches because pain can frequently be caused by dehydration and low oxygenation. Also, what feels better than an orgasm. Try for a P-Spot orgasm to extend the good vibes.

#7: It Makes a Man Mindful

Nothing requires a man to be in the moment like masturbation. Solo play is a form of erotic meditation, reducing stress and a racing brain. Sometimes it’s just the break a man needs.

#8: It Wards off Cancer

An Australian study found that men who ejaculated more than five times a week were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer. This seems to be because toxins build in the urogenital tract. When a man orgasms, it flushes the toxins from the system.

#9: Tones the Love Muscle

It’s like doing dead lifts for your dick. Everyone loses muscle tone with age; however, masturbation keeps the pelvic floor muscles strong which also help keep ED and incontinence at bay.

#10: Mood Booster

Back to those love chemicals. Masturbating releases dopamine and oxytocin which not only destress, but also lift the spirits, boost levels of happiness and satisfaction, and activate the reward circuits in the brain.

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Source by John Dugan

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