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How Art Can Heal You


A person when they are drawn to an artwork is experiencing either an awakening to the feelings of what they see or they are analysing for details in making sense of things. To express oneself to the creativity of being authentic and original is to experience true happiness as it has for most artists and the everyday people. Today stress has become an expected living condition for most people and many are unaware that they are slowly deteriorating in boiling water like a frog who is unconscious of its environment. The human mind is like an operating system and we store many of our memories and experiences in our subconscious mind therefore never realising that we are repeating a pattern or never understanding why we react a certain way when in fact we wish we dealt with matters differently.

Since starting on my artistic journey in my living room a few years back I have come to realise that art is more than just a hobby, it can actually be a new way of life and that we are allowed to express our innermost frustration and fears that hang on our shoulders like a shadow of uncertainty. A simple thing like colouring in books and prints are now becoming a new found stress relief and according to researchers who have recognized the healing traits of art for years, say that today art is used to help people in order to express themselves when they’re sentiment and it is too difficult for them to put their emotions into words, most likely when they’re faced with a cancer diagnosis. Now when seeing colours in flowers and plants for inspiration it gives me a feeling of gratitude to what nature is quietly offering us, more than an aid for oxygen supply but a mark for attention in times of stress. The whole idea of meditation is to bring the mind to a focus point where the nerves are trained to not react to the internal dialogues and external forces thus strengthening the frontal cortex from reacting to stimuli and instead take a better course of action. Painting and colouring do for this very reason give you the same result. Observe the traits and characteristics of most painters and artists, you will see that in a general we are calm and are less prone to neurotic outburst of emotions. Some of us do practise a healthier lifestyle and it is a privilege for me as an artist to inform you that we are all not on drugs and substances and that the use of art can in a way be beneficial for anyone who require to relax and unwind.

A habit once formed is not easy to break however with the right intention to change and move forward you will find that replacing an addiction or substance with a more therapeutic action such as colouring in or painting, it can give you the same feeling of satisfaction. As difficult and impossible this may sound, at first, you will never know until you try it. The secret to becoming a healthier and successful artist is to find what inspires you to create when observing nature and beautiful surroundings but if you have never touched a paint brush then start with the basics of colouring in or make a collage from gluing seashells on a canvas. Either way, art is subjective and my theory is if it makes you feel happy and gives you a sense of achievement from creating something out of nothing then you truly are an artist.

Source by Julie Rekha

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