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Your physician might offer you your first injection of hCG. They’ll present you ways to do that your self at house if you happen to require many injections — or if you have to inject at a time of day when your clinic isn’t open. You ought to solely inject hCG your self if you happen to really feel utterly snug doing so.


HCG’s normally injected subcutaneously, into the layer of fats just below the pores and skin and above your muscle tissue. This is sweet information — fats is your pal and tends to make the injection pretty painless. To do that, your physician or pharmacist will sometimes offer you a brief 30-gauge needle.


The decrease stomach is a typical injection web site for hCG. It’s a straightforward web site to inject, as a result of there’s normally extra subcutaneous fats on this space. Stick to the semi-circle space beneath your stomach button and above your pubic area. Be positive to stay at least one inch away out of your stomach button.


The outer thigh is one other widespread hCG injection web site as a result of normally there’s extra fats there than in different elements of the physique. This makes a subcutaneous injection simpler and fewer painful. Choose an injection web site away out of your knee on the thick, exterior a part of your thigh.

The entrance of your thigh will work, too. Just ensure you’ll be able to take an enormous pinch of pores and skin and fats collectively — in different phrases, for a subcutaneous injection, you wish to keep away from muscle.


The fatty a part of the higher arm is an effective location as effectively, however until you’re a contortionist, you’re much less probably to have the ability to do that one by yourself. Have a accomplice or pal — so long as you belief them with the duty! — do the injection right here.


For some individuals, it’s essential to inject hCG immediately into the physique’s muscle tissue with a thicker 22.5-gauge needle. This results in a faster price of absorption.

Injecting immediately into muscle is normally extra painful than injecting into the subcutaneous layer of fats beneath the pores and skin. But don’t fret — when finished proper, it shouldn’t damage terribly, and also you shouldn’t bleed a lot.


The rounded muscle round your shoulder, known as the deltoid muscle, is a spot on the physique the place you’ll be able to safely give your self an intramuscular injection. Avoid injecting your self within the knobby, high a part of this muscle.

Again, this location might be arduous to achieve by yourself, so it’s possible you’ll wish to ask another person — somebody with a gentle hand — to do the injection.


In some instances, you is likely to be instructed to inject hCG immediately into the muscle on the higher outer a part of your buttocks, close to your hip. Either the ventrogluteal muscle or the dorsogluteal muscle will work.

Again, if this makes you’re feeling like it’s a must to be a contortionist, it is likely to be best to ask a accomplice or pal to do the injection — simply ensure that they use our useful steps, beneath, to do it proper!

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