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5 Essential Questions About Covid 19 Vaccine

Femi Animashaun  writes:

Sometimes we’ve to shake the bushes and ask crucial questions from the Government, particularly relating to problems with the well being of the People. So, I’ll ask:

1. Is our Government conscious that the united statesand E.U at present have paused using AstraZeneca Vaccines, and the Vaccines really include labels saying not for use in the united statesA and E,U?

2. Is our Government conscious of the One-Shot Johnson & Johnson Vaccine that has been found to have the perfect efficacy towards the COVID-19 Virus?

3. Is the Government conscious that Johnson & Johnson is a Black owned Company, which everyone knows is not going to have something to do with probably tainting vaccines for using Black and African Countries?

4. Are we conscious regardless of the little publicity given by world media to the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine, it’s thought-about to be and probably the perfect Vaccine obtainable at present?

5. Is our Government in severe negotiation with Johnson & Johnson to provide and be the popular provider of Vaccines to Nigeria?

I ask these questions as a result of I consider that Nigeria comes first, and the Citizens ought to have the perfect choices in a Racist World that repeatedly targets the Black Population for the reason that starting of History.

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