About Islamic Medicines

About Islamic Medicines
Islam is a whole and ideal lifestyle that mixes the bodily and religious well being of the mankind, whoever research its teachings can very clearly perceive this reality. All of its teachings are pure. It retains a transparent imaginative and prescient about all of the issues of a human life, and offers excellent instructions to make it wholesome, bodily and spiritually. The prophet if Islam (peace and blessings be upon him) proved this reality in his life and set broad tips for using pure cures, just like the black seed or nigella sativa, honey, mushroom, olive oil, figs, dry grapes and so on. His teachings guides us to those info.

Some of the necessary narrations of the Messenger of Allah associated to illness are narrated in Sahih Muslim: from the hadith of Abu al Zubayr and from Jabir bin Abd-allah it relates as follows: “for every sickness that Allah created, He also created a remedy, and when the remedy to the disease is found the patient is cured by permission of Allah SWT.”

Usamabin shareek narrates: “I was with Prophet PBUH when some Bedouins came to him and asked ‘O Messenger of Allah should we treat the sick? He replied: ‘Yes O servants of Allah treat your sick for Allah the Glorious One did not make any disease, without making a cure for it, all except one.’ ‘And which one is that?’ to which he replied ‘Old age’ ”

A a lot quoted Hadith relating to overindulgence in consuming is that one ought to by no means replenish one’s abdomen with meals. The finest proportion for consuming beneficial was 1/third meals, 1/third water and 1/third empty. This would make excellent sense in modern-day society the place weight problems is a working pandemic!

Broadly talking the Prophetic medication has been divided into “physical medicine” the therapy of the bodily physique, and “spiritual medicine” the therapy of the soul. Each of those being equally necessary to deal with the physique as an entire, primarily providing a “Holistic” strategy to the therapy of a human being. On many events the Prophet relied upon the blessings of prayer in addition to the verses of the Holy Quran to supply the “relief” from sickness.

In the Musnad and Sunan from Abu Khuzaima: I requested the Messenger of Allah: ‘Do you consider incantations (recitation) to which we have recourse a suitable means of treatment? And are they useful in protection (against disease)? Do they turn back anything in Allah’s decree? He replied: ‘They are a part of Allah’s decree.
The integrality of the well being of the entire individual: religious, psychological, bodily and moral- is the essence of the message of Prophetic Medicine.

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