🌿💫BE CAREFUL WITH SOUL TIES🧔🏾👙👳🏼‍♀💫🌿 1.🌿💫 *Soul* *ties* refers to the spiritual bondage between you and the person you have sex with 🧔🏾👙👳🏼‍♀. 2.🌿💫sexually transmitted *demons* are hard to get rid off than diseases👿👙. 3.🌿💫Each person you have sex with, a piece of them are with you🧔🏾👳🏼‍♀👴🏿🧕🏻🧔🏻🧔🧔🏿👱🏻‍♀👱🏿‍♀. 4.🌿💫That’s why so many people are miserable, mean, angry, evil etc etc☹😡😨, because there are so many spirits on them, hunting their lives and healthy existence.👿. 5.🌿💫Be careful and mindful of what or who you are letting enter you🧔🏿👙👳🏼‍♀. 6.🌿💫Don’t let someone tell you lies to get into your pants and don’t also tell lies to get into someone else’s pant💓🧔🏾👙👳🏼‍♀. 7.🌿💫Avoid indiscriminate sex. Settle on one, two or three or four (if your religion or culture permits), marry him or her and make him or her your king or queen and see beautiful things in your life 🧔🏾👱🏻‍♀💓🧕🏻🧔🏻 . Love you all 0205833077 🌿💫HEALTH AND WELLNESS 💫🌿

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